DAC on Naim ND5XS2


Will this be better then in a Naim CD5XS? I was thinking of running a digital out to it. Is the DAC really as good as £2,299 price tag might suggest it is in the ND5XS2?


Possibly. One is a CD player, one a Network player so i’m sure more advice will follow if you provide a few more details of what you are trying to achieve with moving to a ND5XS2.

Sounds like @shawz007 wants to take the digital out from CD5XS into the ND5XS and just use the CD player as a transport.

The new digital streamers are special. That approach could be a winner.

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that is it. And also from a TV. I presume a TV, even a high end one, won’t have a good a DAC…

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How long before someone suggests that the OP should get rid of the CD5XS and just use the streamer?

Re: the original question, I understand that even the original ND5XS was considered an improvement on the CD5XS (I had the former, but never heard the latter) and the 2 is supposed to be quite a bit ahead of that, so it will probably be an improvement.

As for a TV, that is exactly how I used mine at the time. I find even a relatively cheap DAC like the one in Bluesound Node 2 to be superior to what you’d find on any TV with an analog audio output.

Interesting idea. I’m wondering if I can output from my old Oppo105 into the new Naim streamers and use the Oppo as a transport.

I have an old Arcam DVD player. On the rare occasion I need to play a CD without just ripping it first, I connect the digital coax output to the coax input on my NDX2 (and prior to that my ND5XS) and use the Arcam as transport only. Works quite well.

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Awesome thanks. I plan on doing something similar. Guess I have to buy an inexpensive digital coax cable for it. I won’t use it often but nice to have around. As you well know, the new streamers are fantastic and mine isn’t fully broken in yet.

I use my NDX2 all the time, streaming Qobuz and my lossless file library. The only time I have played a CD directly is if someone brings it over and wants to hear it.

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