DAC & Streamer solution needed in combination NAIT2

I like to improve sound quality In my living room.

todays situation
NAIT2 CB + BC2 Spendor + Technics MK2
IPAD for streaming connected to NAIT2

I think a DAC between Ipad and NAIT 2 potentially helps to improve the sound - what is your opinion recommendation?

my budget is 500EUR

my knowledge about streaming equipment is low.

Hi, if you want to use an iPad you need an Apple camera adapter to connect a USB device, which is a little clumsy if you are holding the iPad, but it works well. You could use an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC like this, or maybe a Chord Mojo.
If you want to get rid of the wired connection, you may be better off using a streamer that can just be controlled by the iPad, and wouldn’t need a direct connection to it.

sonos connect or bluesound node £399 surely would make for an easier life?

Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 06.23.48

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