DAC-V1 - Audio Levels / Headphones

Hi All,

Long time listener, first time poster…

QQ I usually listen to music MacBook/Roon > USB > DAC-V1 > Klipsch HP-3 (currently favs). Sounds immense.

Recently connected Sky Q via Toslink and Sony UBP-X800M2 4K DVD via digital coax to the DAC, but volume levels via headphones on Sky are maybe 1/3 lower than Music/USB and DVD audio level is 1/2 audio level.

No major issue as just need to turn volume up, but for DVD as an example going v near 100%.

Could someone with more than my v basic knowledge educate me on the audio level differences? Presume it would be the Sky/Sony outputs rather than the Naim.

Thank you!

You may find this answers your question

Thank you for your response, this sounds plausible.

If anyone has any tried and tested work arounds or further advice, it would be greatly appreciated!

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