DAC V1 configuration

I’ve just bought a DAC-V1, and am looking at Naim’s guidance for configuration with a Mac (a Mac Mini will be connected via USB). The guidance is to set the default as 44.1Khz 24 bit in the Audio Midi options.

Am I right in assuming that this configuration simply sets the minimum bit rate that the DAC-V1 will then use? I have numerous higher resolution WAV, DSD and DSF files, and I’d like to make sure that these are being processed at their higher resolutions, rather than being down sampled to the default resolution. (The firmware is 1.16, so should be able to handle the DSD and DSF files).

That sets the default output format. Dsd won’t be downsampled, as long as you set up your audio playback software correctly.
Look for the appropriate pdf for your software in the “Setup and Configuration Instructions” section here


Thanks Robert. I see that there are several players covered on this page;

[DSD Playback for Naim Audio DACs] | News | Naim Audio](DSD Playback for Naim Audio DACs] | News | Naim Audio)

However, I don’t use any of these. I use Fission for WAV files, and Pine Player for DSD. I’ll have a look at their options, and see if they have output setting options.

You’ll know if you have dsd configured correctly, the v1 display will show the true rate.

Make sure you set the “display off” setting to minimum.

Was this the little used one on the Pink with a NAP100? Great price if so.

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