Dac v1 fail?

at the end of a long week i sit to listen to new Gorillaz album and the dac v1 screen says something dsp reg fail
any ideas please /repair cost?


Have you tried switching off, unplug, make a cup of tea, plug in, switch on…?

yes indeed and thanks for prompt response
its very odd as i can play a innuos mini thro usb fine
normally use optical for sonos - radio 6 spotify playlists
after reboot nothing so tested the sonos connect with another stereo and works on sdpf(?) there .
took sonos back to the dac v1 tried another optical and sdpf cable / changed source on dac v1 and nothing

so the sonos works but out of the blue the dac v1 only seems to work on usb


Maybe @NeilS knows what “DSPDAC Reg(W) Fail” means.

Hi Richard,

I must confess that the digital domain is not my forte, but this means that a problem has been detected with one of the DSP registers, possibly the word clock, hence the (W).
But I do know that we cannot replace the DSP without wrecking the PCB, so a new PCB will be required in this case.
Not what the OP wanted to hear I’m sure.


Oddly it’s stopped saying that but on both optical and sdpf connections to Sonos connect that works on others to the dacv2 days no signal!

Thanks Neil and Richard for Friday night replies
A rough repair cost is?

That’s one for Tech Support to discuss.


I don’t understand why after a reboot the message has disappeared but will only work with usb?

No, that is intriguing.
I think there is a hardware reset that can be done on the v1, but unhelpfully I can’t remember how to do it.
Could you try a reset from the menu - I think it’s under firmware somewhere?


will tinker in the am
yet again thanks for friday night replies!
what i don’t want is a big repair bill or to find out its a cable problem - (I will work further on eliminating that!) and go through the fuss of sending it in etc


Understood! :exploding_head:


god alone knows why !
but the sonos out into the dac v1 using spdif now works…
it didn’t on the 2 optical leads - the existing and one swapped in earlier
I’ll try back on the optical - changong these means lying on a hard floor etc

at least theres some progress!

out of interest which is best optical or spdif


That’s one for your ears to decide - optical tops out at 92kHz though.

Try the reset when you get time.


no reset on the menu - i found the remote(!)
goodnight and god bless

That’s odd, I’m sure it’s under “Firmware update” in the menu?

Maybe I’m mistaken - I don’t have one in my house!


In firmware update its set defaults

Thanks too .
I’m not great at this so it’s probably best I ring hq and hopefully they can talk me
through which button/which order! At least I have music again . It may be a fault on the optical input but the spdf is fine. A mystery !
I’m grateful and amazed at Richard and Neil’s dedication late into a Friday night!

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Still working fine and sounding great using spdf .Nothing on the display since Friday
Perhaps there’s a problem on the optical out of the sonos connect or the dac v1 optical input- but I’ve tried 2 optical cables and neither worked. Changing cables on low levels of isoblue entails lying on floor and lots of swearing.
I can’t help thinking that it’s best to just leave it alone as it’s working?
Thanks again