DAC-V1 firmware update error

Hi everyone.
My DAC-V1 issues an “DSP Boot Failed.” upon starting due to an update firmware error.
Apparently the update process failed.
How can I resume firmware updating from a “dead” device
Can you help me with this?

I had a similar problem way back in 2013. Naim headquarters recommended this to my dealer, and it worked:

"Turn the DAC off first, then: “Press and hold 1 & 3, then turn on the unit. This will display “Forcing DSP update” then start updating. Once complete his unit should function normally.”


After almost a day of looking at this:

Your help is almost priceless. Thank you so much, AHT !

Could you use this method to downgrade the firmware, thanks

That procedure is designed to force an upgrade that has stalled. I assume you would need a copy of the older firmware to revert, and even then, there could be problems. As I recall, there was an uptick in sound quality, and no downside.

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I wanted to note that the reason for the erroneous update is FOOBAR, but with JRIVER MEDIA CENTER everything works correctly.

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