DAC V1 Forced DSP firmware update

Hi all

I have seen some past threads on DAC V1 firmware issues, but nothing covered how long it takes.

I have used the power on whilst holding buttons 1&3 process to force an update from the onboard copy, but it’s been at it a while now and I wondered how long it should take?

Other threads have suggested that it will automatically reboot once finished.

@charlesphoto maybe?

Ok, so I’ve had to power it all down anyway now.
We’ve just had a big Thunderstorm settle in on top of us, so everything off and unplugged for safety.
It was sitting at this screen for 2 hrs with no change before I took the decision to shut everything down and unplug it all.

Glad I did, it’s raging pretty hard now🫤

Only minutes. It’s been a while since I did mine when dsd ability was first introduced in the firmware. Maybe 15 mins tops?

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OK, something definitely went wrong then.
I’ll see what I can do after tomorrow’s restart of the system.
Presumably it should allow me to try it again🤔

Experienced the same thing quite a few times, just give it some time after you switch it off completely, probably like 3-4 mins. Afterwards just hold again buttons 1 & 3, it will reboot and be back to normal once again. There is nothing wrong with it.

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Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping… :crossed_fingers:t3: :+1:t4:


When I switched on this morning the firmware update started automatically.
It only took a couple of minutes and then restarted. Came back up straight away and all running fine now.
Thank you @realdpg for putting my mind at rest overnight :+1:t4: :blush:

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