DAC V1, Headphone Output Power

Hi from Barcelona, Spain.
I’m very interesting to know more information about class-A Headphone amplifiert Output from this DAC.
Any review online say about Output Power in mW for diferent impedance headphones, any information in Manual Product.
Can you link any information about it?
Thanks a lot

Welcome, not a clue on the output but I use a DAC V1 for headphone duties driving a pair of Focal Elears sounds very good and very convenient with the remote volume control.

Yes, but my HD800s 300 Oh need 60% more power for same loudness…
That,s the problem power

Some one with more info about this?

Have you tried contacting Naim?

V1 is designed to be a desktop headphone amp, it should not have any issues with those cans, as far as driving them is concerned. I have V1 and SN2, and if i have to compare their HP sections with senn hd 660s, I would say that these are different, SN2’s is more refined, has better clarity, but as far as musicality is concerned, V1 is not million miles behind, different, but not bad at all. SN2 is more than twice the price of V1, so, no surprises. Overall it is a great product, especially its dac via usb, it’s been compared to Naim’s DAC and those who have been able to test, claim V1 is better in some aspects.

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