Dac V1 issue


I have a Naim DAC V1 and I seem to have a problem with the headphone output on the DAC. Every now and again the DAC goes mute after a few minutes of play when my headphones are plugged into it. I can unmute but it cuts out again after a few seconds. Unfortunately I only have one pair of headphones to test with, but when I plug them into my amp’s phono jack I don’t get the problem. Do you have any idea what might be causing this? I’ve emailed Naim support but I never get a reply.

Have you contacted your Naim dealer?

Did you receive a ticket number when you emailed Naim Support?

I did get a ticket number when I first emailed wayback before Christmas. I didn’t think about the dealer. I’ll try contacting them. Thanks.

If you let me have your ticket number I’ll contact Naim and see what is the status.

Thanks. It’s 97923

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