DAC V1 - left channel only - thoughts/advice please

Greetings all!

maddening!!$%! - i am new to streaming mostly vinyl and cds - but i got a hold of a DAC v1 and a mac mini. i am in the initial set up process / pre- bit perfect confirmation. i have itunes (for now - plan to upgrade to audinirvana) playing on the mac mini and am using the USB port out to connect to the asynchronous USB in on the DAC v1. Information is flowing, i can see it on the DAC USB status screen.
The DAC v1 is connected to a NAC 82 via DIN.

Problem - left channel only plays music on the speakers.

When turn the balance on the 82 to the right - nada. All other sources are fine connected to NAC82 (cd/turntable). AND…when using the the headphone jack - BOTH left and right are fine on the headphones.

I am at a loss here - i don’t want to send the DAC back but i am frustrated…and i am only in the initial stages of setup.

thoughts very much appreciated…!!!


Mike - At the risk of stating the obvious, have you checked the cable connecting the DAC-V1 to the 82 is Ok. I’d start here first if not.

James, thanks. I did think of that but I have not properly checked it. I will. I thought it may be a long shot - both ends are secure, etc. is that a thing? Do the Naim DIN cables sometimes go bad? admittedly this one I had laying around and it fit so I slapped in on there…

Any cable can break - can you substitute in another just to check. Are you going RCA > DIN or DIN to DIN ?

Its DIN to DIN. Hopefully I have another in my system somewhere that I can swap out just to check…that would be nice if it was that simple. I was mostly concerned there is something wrong with the DACV1. I can try the RCA outs too into another pre…just to see. Fingers crossed…will try later when I get home and report back

BTW - I REALLY appreciate your feedback and this forum. Thanks again.,.

It’s a shame it’s not the standard 5 pin DIN output as it would be easier to swap over cables compared to the 4 pin > 5 pin DIN lead you need to use with the V1. Alternatively, do you have another amp in the house that can accept RCA connections and an RCA > RCA cable ?

Anyway hope you can find a spare cable to try out to rule out the V1 having an issue


Hmmm…you are probably right I may not have another 5 to 4 pin. If not I can definitely try the RCA into another amp. IF there is no issue with the RCA/RCA, (hopefully) I would think it may point to the DIN cable - though I guess there could be an issue specific to the DIN out? Ugh…one thing at a time I guess…I will be back at it later…! Thanks !

Hi - had the same problem when I owned one, I just had to unplug then reinsert the din lead & it worked fine. It used to happen after power off/on, doing the above corrected mine - is it a design software/hardware fault I wonder? I moved up to an NDX & no longer have it.
Regards John

Well, I tried the RCA Also and it is only playing one channel - very frustrating. So both the DIN and RCA gave same result. I have powered on and off several times and removed the cables and reinserted etc. Same result.
Kinda at a loss here - i May have to return this thing.

Also - I tried the other inputs and same result.

I wonder if the firmware update would fix it - I didn’t update yet because it says you need to achieve bit perfect first and I haven’t got there yet…

Confirmed bitperfect -Firmware was up to date - anyway. No change - only one channel - sad.

Can I be the only Jane to experience this issue?

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