Dac v1 mutec mc3

I use a dac v1 usb connected to a Mac mini. I m satisfied but i would like to know how it can be improved clearing the usb signal using a mutec mc3.
Are there direct experiences ?

Your DAC V1 has an Audiophilio USB interface, which cleans up the USB signal. This is one the best of its kind. I think you’d need to go to something like a Chord M-Scaler to improve on it.

However, worth tying the Mutec, it’s good at what it does.

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No experience specifically on inserting a Mutec (I understand you mean a MC-3+ Smart Clock USB) between a Mac Mini and a Naim DAC V1.

But, as already mentioned, the DAC V1 has been designed to be used with USB sources and it is quite good at doing that. That said, you will find people that chain up two or three Mutecs (for about two or three thousands EUR) but … is that the way you want to go?

If you are happy with your DAC V1 leave it like that. Otherwise, go for a better DAC, for a better source or … for both!

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The USB port on MC-3+ USB can’t be used to connect USB DAC. It is designed to connect computer.

Of course, the question was whether connecting the USB output of the Mac Mini to the USB input of the Mutec and then the S/PDIF output of the Mutec to the S/PDIF input of the DAC V1 would improve the sound quality over a direct Mac Mini -> DAC V1 USB connection.

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