DAC-V1 one channel not working

Hi everyone,

I am now on my second DAC-V1 that has developed the same fault about three months into ownership: one channel has stopped working from the output. The headphone output is fine. I’ve tried it in another system and the problem remains. It’s slightly intermittent in that the malfunctioning channel briefly comes back to life sometimes. Any idea what could cause this?

If you’d like to know a few more details, I am using Spendor A6Rs, a NAP 100, a Cambridge CXC transport, Sony X800 blu-ray player and Synology NAS (via USB out). Cables are Van Damme and Fisual.

As mentioned, it was replaced once already, and after that, I changed every component except speakers and power strip in an attempt to prevent it happening again. In both situations, the issue started on turn-on, not mid-listening session.

I see @Lippo has had the same issue: DAC V1 - left channel only - thoughts/advice please and @hififish a similar one: Naim DAC V-1 headphone one side no sound

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It could well be down to a sticking relay. I would let your supplying dealer know - it’s what the warranty is there for.

Yes I had the exact issue and found it hard to get answers also. As it turns out, the unit was still under warranty so I sent I back and they repaired it and knock on wood it holds. They didnt give me any info as to what the issue was - sorry I couldn’t be more help!!!

Thanks for the thoughts. I have no doubt whether it can be fixed; what I am concerned about is that it has happened twice on two different units. It would seem that either I am extremely unlucky, or there is something very unique about my setup, or there is a design fault. I have indeed contacted Naim, but it seemed useful to gather any opinions/experience here too. Thanks

It really can’t be anything to do with the rest of your setup. It’s probably a component failure (like Richard said) and it’s just bad luck. After Naim have fixed it, if your dealer talks to the service dept, they will tell him what the problem turned out to be.



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