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I have a Naim V1 feeding a Keces 125 power amp linked up with Audiovector speakers, I have been looking to going from a 4 pin din to twin rca’s. I have been told that to this it is best to have a separate power supply, is this true. Can you recommend a suitable naim power supply.

Hi, there is no external PSU option for the V1.


The V1 doesn’t give you the option to do that, the only way to get a power supply to benefit the v1 is to have a dedicated pre amp which is powered by a Hicap DR for example . You’d need a 4pin to 5 pin din in this case from the dac to pre. Then you’d take the signal from the Hicap to your amp, you would need that din to rca . The pre amp in the v1 is ok , but generally to get a boost, dedicated pre amp is the way forward imo.

OK thanks.

This is what Naim said:-

Flynn Charter support@naimaudio.com


Tue, 30 Jun at 12:07

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your email - sorry that you have had a delayed response, we are very busy at this time.

I would recommend that you use RCA-RCA as the connection, this should provide the most balanced connection. Also having RCA-RCA will provide better quality, as apposed to converting DIN - 2 x XLR. Of course if you wanted to use DIN - XLR and have a balanced connection, you would need a DIN balanced - 2 x XLR balanced.

I’m a bit confused by Flynn’s response. RCA isn’t balanced. The dac v1 does not have a balanced output. DIN should give the better output vs RCA. DIN to DIN is the best option, but as your amp is RCA or XLR (the latter being truly balanced) then DIN to RCA would fit best with your equipment.

This is what I thought as there are quite a lot of Naim 4 pin to RCA on the market and hardly any of the others. I am thinking of the one with mogami cable, I would appreciate your opinion.

Mogami cables are generally well regarded. Just make sure the supplier knows the correct pin layout for a Naim output, as shown in the diagram next to the socket. You could also look for a genuine Naim DIN-4 to RCA, or one from Chord, or if you want something cheaper, Flashback.
If all else fails, RCA both ends will work fine. Possibly not optimal, but maybe better a decent quality RCA than a cheap unknown DIN from ebay.

Richard means “balanced” in relation to RCA as “suitable”. Confusing double meaning here when cables could potentially offered electrically balanced connections.

RCA-RCA gives the simplest most suitable connection here because everything is the same at both ends.

Honestly, the benefit of XLR is lost or even negated unless both ends are doing it. Stick to RCA-RCA.

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Thanks to everybody for there input. Looking through all the advice I have gone for Chord Clearway RCA to RCA this is what Naim suggested so they should know.

I presume Naim must no longer make an RCA-RCA cable if they are telling you to buy Chord. I suspect any benefit of getting a DIN to RCA would be marginal at best, so I’m sure it’ll work fine.

No they didn’t tell me to buy Chord they just said that RCA to RCA was best for my configuration.

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