DAC V1 remote control clashes with Nait XS

Hi all!

For a couple of years I listen to a Naim Nait XS with a Naim Dac V1 which I use as a standalone dac with fixed output. When I plug in my headphones the dac mutes the speakers.

Yesterday I noticed when I turned up the volume with the remote control of my dac for a headphone session, the volume button on the amp also turned up. This can make the amp to go up to 11-12 o’clock, which is unfortunate if I pull out the headphones to listen to music through the speakers again.

It may have always behaved like this, it just didn’t occurred to me, but the chances of that are slim. I googled around, but I didn’t come across a similar phenomenon. Does anyone have experience with this?

I use a DAC V1 for headphone duties originally with a 252 which I changed for a 552 my dealer reconfigured the DAC V1 remote settings so the volume does not clash or alter the pre amp volume.

Worth speaking to your dealer or Naim.

Trust this helps

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It was like that always, I use my V1 remote to control the SN2 volume, as the Dac like in your case is in fixed output mode permanently. I very much prefer it over the Narcom, it is much simpler and easier to use, given that I use it solely for the volume, I find it perfect with regards to ergonomics and it controls the volume with the same precision as the Narcom.

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