Dac v1 still relevant?

Hello all,
I use a uniti core into a v1 dac then sn2
Into my home made speakers comprising fostex ,volt ,aurum cantus drivers , which sound (to me ) incredible , been tweaking these to fit my room for a long time .
Naim cables all throughout
Im very happy with the sound just got that itch , im sure we’ve all been there.
Realising things move on at a pace , is the v1 the obvious upgrade,
About £1k to spend, possibly more maybe with sale of v1 , most of my listening is done with the core , very large music collection on it
I do stream occasionally with a ifi zen blue , its ok butttt .
Would one of the cheaper naim streamers with dac inbuilt be an option for better sound ?.
i have no problem with pre loved equipment,
Any thoughts, ideas ,greatly appreciated

Alan ,

The obvious choice would be an NDAC, which you should be able to find within budget. If you want to go further you can add a rather more expensive power supply upgrade later. You won’t get the same sound quality from a combined streamer/DAC at that price.
Lots of non-Naim DACs around too, but you really need to listen to some and see what appeals to you.

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Thanks ,
The ndac has come onto my radar,
I thought it maybe somewhat of a sideways move (with out actually hearing one :man_facepalming:)
Is it really that much better than a v1 ,
Out of interest what sort of level a streamer would be recommended if the budget could stretch ,
significant birthday immanent ,they seem to come to fast these days .


The NDAC was, in its day, offered as a potential upgrade to the NDX when they were both current products. With a PSU upgrade I would put it at a similar level to the NDS with the same power supply, with any preference either way largely down to personal taste.
As for how it would compare to the current Mk2 streamers, personally I would still rate it above the NDX2. In terms of functionality of course it depends on what digital music sources you use.

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