Dac v1 v ndx

Has anyone compared a DAC V1 against the NDX for streaming purposes? I currently use the asynchronous USB input fed via a jitterbug from my PC. I was wondering if there would be an upgrade in sound quality using an NDX over the DAC V1. I have an opportunity to buy an NDX for £1300, 2013 model, would I be getting value for money or should I stick with the DAC V1?

Definitely get the Ndx

Upnp streaming sounds better to my ears than usb
The ndx has a better analog stage

Agree UPnP is better than USB
NDX will bring the Naim app on iOS or Android tablet/phone into play.
Also whilst PC stored music is OK, a dedicated NAS is better.

I have only tried the DAC V1 as an headphone amplifier when I bought my headphones. I thought it was quite good and certainly better than the amplifier of the SN2.

I have not compared the DAC V1 to the NDX but, generally speaking, USB streaming can be as good as Ethernet streaming. I prefer USB streaming for convenience.

By the way, USB streaming and UPnP streaming are not mutually exclusive: I have an Allo DigiOne Signature runnning upmpdcli. I can stream via USB and S/PDIF and in both cases the server is a UPnP server, namely MinimServer.

True, however I should have been more specific, what I had in mind the difference I heard between a between USB streaming from PC -vs- Ethernet/Wireless from a NAS to an NDX. Obviously there are many more combo’s of boxes & wires to consider.
Also the ‘experience’ of using the iOS or Android Naim apps with a NDX should not be overlooked

In which sense is a dedicated NAS better than a dedicated low-power, headless, fanless computer? The threads on https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/forum/9-music-servers/ seem to suggest that the opposite is true.

Good point! On the other hand, I do not find BubbleUPnP or Linn Kazoo in any way worse than the Naim app. I guess it boild down to habits and personal preferences …

I don’t doubt there is little to choose if the PC was a little more specialised than the average home PC, but the OP is not specific on that so suspect its not anything special. .
All the home PC USB playback I’ve heard says a NAS is better.

For the OP, the best way is to demo.

There are some technical arguments that are spouted about and evangelised on forums about the technical inferiority of USB. As always, it’s implementation and ears that are the best judge.

Convenience is equal, as there are apps remote control for USB. Interestingly ROON would not exist if UPNP was convenient out of the box.

The DAC-V1 is almost certainly less resolving of fine detail than an NDX.

However, what it does have in our experience is that magical, captivating sense of emotional engagement and joy that classic Naim equipment can bring (see my profile for system details). The Nait 2, 72/140 and 52/135 amplifiers all have it too. We have never heard a system with the NDX achieve the same, though others may well have been more fortunate.

The NDX is better hifi, if that is what you are after.

Hope this helps, BF


I run the NDX through 52/135s, for me it makes music and I spend my free hours listening to music on it and my TMS.

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Great to hear Eoink. Delighted that your set up works so well.

Best regards, BF

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I have to admit that there is a 555PS sitting waiting to go into the rack when the Burndy arrives, and a home dem of NDX2 and ND555 is to be scheduled when I am going to be around.
But the bare NDX has given me a lot of listening pleasure.

Thanks for all your insights to my question, at the moment I’m using a Unitiserve as a NAS outputting to the DAC V1, the sound is good but can’t match my CDS3. Being new to Naim streamers this advice has been a great help, would love to aspire to the ND555 but my budget won’t stretch that far at this time.

Not strictly streaming but around five years ago a pal borrowed (from his dealer) an NDX to compare with his DAC V1 playing FLAC files via Audirvana on a Mac Mini. We both concluded that the V1 was more enjoyable. As alluded to up-thread the NDX possibly more hifi but ultimately less satisfying.
Things may have progressed since then.

A thought - if the benchmark in the CDS3, then demoing a Naim DAC may be worthwhile , as both are based on the same PCM1704 chip (as is the NDS and ND555) with a type of presentation you prefer.

A s/h Naim DAC would a similar outlay to that mentioned for the NDX.

About £1k for nDAC.

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One advantage of the nDAC over the DAC V1 is that the nDAC has a whole array of S/PDIF inputs. I use it to bring together the outputs of TV, CD + Bluray player, UPnP player and Chromecast audio. This would not be possible with a DAC V1, an NDX or even an NDX 2.

A similar device in terms of number of inputs is the Hugo M Scaler. The M Scaler also has a USB input. But it is significantly more expensive than a second hand Naim DAC and, of course, it requires an external DAC.

The main disadvantage of the nDAC (and of the NDX, NDX2, etc) over the DAC V1 is that it does not have USB inputs.

At the end of the day I would probably go for an M Scaler + high quality DAC if money was not an issue and with a second hand Naim DAC otherwise.

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A point about the V1- it’s SPDIF inputs are good, but at its at its best with asynchronous USB (I’m assuming that the connection from the Unitiserve and V1 is via SPDIF)

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It uses the Audiophilleo technology which provides a high degree of isolation from the USB source including galvanic. They developed it for connecting computers to high quality music systems for the music industry.

I use Audiophilleo + PurePower on my nDAC with the PurePower connected to the rear USB port for charging purposes. It’s good enough for a 500 series system.