Dac v1 vs ndx2

I m curious to know if someone compared a dac v1 connected to a pc or nas vs an ndx2 connected via eth with an upnp.
What is the gap in terms of sq?

There may be a few who have done this. But there are plenty who compared the v1 to the old NDX and reported the difference was vast.

You can do the math on that for the NDX2 I am sure.

Sorry, I cannot answer your question directly, but in my set-up the NDX2 is better than the NDX2 > Naim DAC.

I can only assume the NDX2 would better than Naim DAC v1.

I hope this helps.

For the sake of newer readers, in which way?

Go to the old forum at https://forums.naimaudio.com and just type “NDX vs” in the search field.

A very interesting read. :pray: Thanks :pray:

I wish Naim would make more half size boxes , but that is an aside.

I do too. I think shoebox systems are great. I sincerely hope that we get a shoebox preamp and streamer and that the pre is a PSU-less one that takes power from a HC or an updated version of the NAP100 to make it more like the old NAP140.

None of this seems remotely likely but we can dream.

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Or dream of dreams a half size cd transport …

I did notice one user in the System Pics thread using an Atom as a stand alone streamer and dac.
I have thought of putting an Atom into my much humbler AV system as dac and a toe into streaming ( I have a Classic series with far too many boxes)

Have you got the Luxman yet?

Not yet. It may be a little ways off. Not until the move which is constantly been 6 months away for the past 5 years. I’m just a passenger here. SWMBO calls the shots on the timing of this and I’ve learned (but not very well) to keep my trap shut.

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