DAC-V1 with a NAP200?

I currently run a Uniti-1 (2010 with upgraded streamer board) into a NAP200. The Uniti screen is almost dead and is now reporting an error 28 - I think!

I only ever use the digital source inputs on the Uniti - mainly local UPnP from NAS. No need for analog, CD, radio etc.

Would a used DAC-V1 into the NAP200 provide a sensible replacement to the Uniti rather than send it to Naim for repair?

Is the DAC and pre-amp of the DAC-V1 an improvement to the Uniti?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

You will need to find a way to get the music data into the V1 as it’s a DAC , not a streamer, so a UPnP server is no use. It needs a USB or SPDIF source.

If you can do this I suspect you will find that it sounds pretty good, and probably a nice improvement over the Uniti.

Having said that, what will you do with the Uniti? If you don’t get it serviced it’s just a doorstop.

Hi ChrisSU

Yes, understand I need a streaming transport or computer to feed the DAC.

You are right that repairing the Uniti is probably the sensible approach in that I get a working unit that meets my needs for a few more years. As it is it is worthless. The cost to repair it is almost exactly what I might expect if I tried to sell it on fully working.

Given I have to part with cash either way, I wondered if I could get an upgrade in sound (with less features) for not a lot more than a repair.

I’ve never compared them side by side, but I suspect you will find the V1 to be an upgrade from the Uniti when used into a 200. Remember that it has the same type of screen as the Uniti so that probably won’t last forever either.