DAC V1 with XS (Flatcap) vs Atom

Hi, I’m currently using a DAC V1 with XS and Flatcap combo. Using an apple TV to connect to the Dac V1 for streaming. Am thinking of swapping the Dac V1 to an Atom. Is this a good choice?

All depends what your after, I have a Atom in our lounge room as 2nd system and I’m constantly surprised by just how good it’s sounds. I think it’s a great 1 box alternative (plus source of course)

Are you keeping the XS and Flatcap? If so, the ND5XS2 would be less redundant.

Soundwise as compared to a single box like Atom?

You would have to compare like with like, but my thoughts are that you have the better combo at the moment.

My thinking is based on cost, the Atom has four main points, it streams, it amplifies , it has a screen, it has a DAC for around £2300 . The DAc only has a preamp and a DAC function for around £1500.

For that sort of money I would go for the dedicated streamer in the XS range, roughly the same sort of money as an Atom.

If your idea is to merge all the sources into a simplified box , then the Atom seems the way, if you want to keep the amplifier and have a better quality streamer then I would replace the Apple TV and DAc V1 into a dedicated streamer

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