Daft question about vinyl

Yes, the one I was talking about is £390 or make an offer. The spin was he was a retired engineer blah blah. Living in New Zealand I must pay postage and thieving government gypsy tax too. But yet still better than most local options. Unsure of the kHz as I read 35 is best for vinyl, most back yard jobs seem to run @40 kHz… I guess that’s splitting hairs at the end of the day…

Really doesn’t matter. The higher the frequency the smaller the bubbles and can theoretically get into smaller crevices. Kuzma sells one with the choice of a medical-grade cleaner that can be switched between 35 and 85 kHz. They recommend normal cleaning with 35 and then a go with 85 but it doesn’t read like they are really convinced that it is necessary. For the privilege it costs over 2000 and their spindle assembly is way worse than the better of the cheap Chinese ones

The Kuzma manual on the website is horrible and largely deals with assembly of their hideous spindle contraption, but also has general cleaning tips that are helpful for all ultrasonic cleaners

Thanks, that’s very interesting. My local audio buddy’s are going through this at this very moment. The debate is a bit tiresome, the most senior of them, as in the oldest vinyl Guru is set on his spin clean which is the value for money. I have one and love it but after using a audio desk pro it’s night and day. Just gotta love these audiophile debates…

I clean my glasses with an ultrasonic cleaner and I’d think there is a reason they are standard for medical cleaning and many other applications. The eBay page for my Chinese one suggests it is great for crayfish too LOL. Sucking up water and dirt against gravity (and into a tank that is difficult to clean) seems a strange idea in hindsight. But to each what they prefer, I am happy

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I find it uncanny how accurately I’ve been able to cue into the silent groove between tracks over the years but really hate doing so now without the lift/lower device. Can’t say I’ve ever noticed it causing any more pops/clicks than elsewhere on discs.

It also seems strange that the worst pops/clicks on newly manufactured records seem to be in the worst places, precisely where you don’t want them. Modern LP quality is very variable I find, I’m just not normally very organised sending things back.


Yep…Pinky finger knuckle rested in the plinth/top plate at the edge serves as the pivot point👍.


Ah, the joy of vinyl.
Blows away the myth that records wear out if, horror of horrors, you play them!

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Audio Desk Systeme is probably the best. It’s expensive but for those that have large collections and high end systems it’s worth every penny. As an alternate there’s the Kirmuss Audio Ultrasonic Cleaner, supposed to be close to the Audio Desk in performance.

They have some bells and whistles but in the end they also use a regular ultrasonic cleaner (of a higher quality maybe, but when mine breaks I can simply screw the lift and spindle mechanism on a new one). The fans and automatic rollers of the Audio Desk may be useful if you clean a lot, but on the other hand it just cleans one record. Mine cleans 6 at a time, I put them on the drying rack and wait. And a Dynavox brush does that the rollers do. Nothing wrong with either the Audio Desk or the Kirmuss, but they also cost 2000 EUR more than mine

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