D'Agostino Progression Integrated

Hi all,

In my search for a one box amp to replace my 552dr/300dr due to space, while keeping nd555dr as source, I have come across D’Agostino Progression Integrated. Very good review in hifinews and have homedemo booked as soon as corona restrictions allow.

A few questions

  1. has anyone heard this relatively new amp?

  2. how do dagostino generally deliver on prat, boogie and live sound, as mastered by naim?

  3. how do I best connect ND555? Super lumina rca-rca? Or can I use a DIN to XLR into amps balanced inputs?

Many thanks

Perhaps some living in US had heard it. Like @Bart maybe.

I heard a D’agostino system at a hi-fi show about two years ago, sounded exceptionally good, exceptional price tag as well…I can’t recall the model of the amp but it was in the 20k price bracket

I’ve not heard that specific model but a big fan of their other kit, including their Momentum integrated. D’agostino is often paired with dCS, not Naim.

Hifi lounge has one, thats a demo.
Ment to be one of the very best manufacturers of amps, expensive and different styling to the norm.
Was going to try it, when i had the vitus last year, but it was out on demo, it just didnt happen after that, but speaking to paul from hifi lounge, he said that to the next level up in the range, would be what i should aim for to better the 500dr/ 552dr.
But as said never even started that and so can’t say anymore, sorry

Interesting that it has only two unbalanced inputs: Phono and Aux. I have heard balanced are not as good as unbalanced for short cable runs. For long runs, balanced are supposed to be better. I wonder what the tipping point is.


I have always read that balanced, if true balanced, sounds better vs unbalanced.
It’s the case when electronics have balanced and unbalanced outputs.
But some top brands use only unbalanced, so I feel it’s difficult to say which one is better in absolute terms.

I would be really interested to hear how you get on with it, if you decide to try. I have in mind to move from NAP300 to NAP500 in the next couple of years but the Momentum (and the M-life) integrated caught my eye. Trading in a load of Fraim, cables, the 552 and 300 would make the jump much more palatable but demos are difficult at the moment.

Hi @Elfer ,

Not sure going for an integrated is the best move to make.

An integrated is always a compromise. Of course, some compromises are better then others, but eventually compromises they are.

Are you considering a different brand for your amplification?

I believe there are some interesting options in the US.
And there is, of course, a couple of Swiss brands which blend rather well with Magico speakers.

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Are you sure a compromise is always the case? I don’t believe so, and certainly not with the Progression. The harmony of the components is key, and can work in one case as well as, or better than, separately depending on the level of engineering. Technology has moved on. Separating components is fickle fun, but I believe an integrated of this calibre is not a compromise at the level discussed.


I would say you need to listen to it yourself & be the judge. I have not heard the amp in question but have heard D’Agostino setups at dealers/shows. Generally they are likely a step up in the “hifi” aspects vs your current kit but as far as delivering on the prat, boogie & musicality of the current kit, I would expect it to be a step back.

I think it is, I do believe that if the integrated is a relatively usual sized box and not something of huge proportions then if separated out things would be better.

I am sure you can most certainly achieve 500 level integrated standard however if not higher.

I agree, an integrated has short path connection and can be better than separates costing 30% more. So a progression can be on 30k level of Naim separates, possibly even more, as Naim is relatively expensive.
But only theory or wondering from mine, as I have not heard to it.

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I think we’re in agreement, then. What’s a bit surprising is how ‘light’ in relative terms the Progression is. Especially so given it’s size. At 26kg it’s a full 14kg lighter than the Vitus Ri101 Mk2, which I suppose would be comparable in terms of level. I wonder where that extra weight goes? Having heard the 101 I must admit that sound isn’t for me.

I believe the majority of it is made from Aluminium.

Many thanks all! Overall very encouraging and will definately share results. Its a brand new amp and really interesting on many fronts.

Daren - fully agree, the dealer has agreed to bring it to my place for a homedemo, only way to really know. Have to listen to it.

Thus also keen to not change other bits eg keeping naca, nd555 and was thinking of SL rca-rca.

The dealer also has naim and was of the view its not shy on prat etc.

Br Lars

Hi @Thomas ,

I don’t doubt the pinnacle of performance would be represented by separates but there are some extremely capable integrated’s available before you hit that level. I wouldn’t necessarily dismiss an integrated just for being an integrated without first listening and evaluating.

I will be considering different brands when the time comes - the reasons are various but not for this thread. D’Agostino do seem to be very highly regarded, amongst others of course…


I think the tipping point is around 3m.

  • Balanced: reduced external noise. Shared internal noise
  • Unbalanced: Reduced shared noise. Prone to external noise.

Ergo, a short run of unbalanced is likely to pick up less noise than a short balanced connection would actually introduce. Like a number of audiophile myth/fads (toroidal transformers, balanced connections, bi-wiring), while the fad is followed, a manufacturer adheres to it or loses sales.

I’d really not get hung up on it. It’s a generalisation. Not an absolute.

I think the D’Agostino stuff looks amazing. It falls into a steampunk aesthetic category shared by Chord. The difference. D’Agostino pull it off and Chord don’t.


No doubt that some integrates, like the D’Agistino “Momentum Integrated”, are extremely good products and probably much better than a lot of separates available on the market. Nevertheless, from an engineer point of view, it remains a compromise and, of course, nothing wrong about that.

I though myself moving away from Naim, for several reasons : box count (I have 7), ND555 limitations (now solved) and limited power from the 500DR.

The idea of a 2 boxes system is appealing. But, at the same time, a full 500DR system is something good, extremely good! :notes: :musical_note:

Having better, not only different, would cost at least the double… so not for now :sweat_smile:

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I don’t mean to be confrontational or rude but for me D’Agostino is the last word in vulgarity. Naim looks elegant and sophisticated in comparison.