Dali Kubik One


Just bought one of these for my LG oled. I don’t want my tv to go through my Naim gear and wasn’t expecting too much from a soundbar, but actually it’s very good. Solid neutral sound with no silly effects trying to make it sound more spacial. No distortion, warm voices and very clear. The treble is perhaps a tad bright, but it’s only had a few hours use and so needs to run-in. I have connected a MJ Acoustics sub, which makes the Kubik divert all information below 80hz to it, which in turn allows the soundbar to perform better, because it has less to process and the obvious bonus of extended bass which no soundbar can reproduce.

Something particular to note is the construction quality and aesthetic appearance. Both very beautiful and class.

I played with the positioning and was quite surprised to find that if was sat on something, below the tv, it sounded quite boxed-in. I’ve constructed an aluminium frame and mounted it on the tv’s swivel bracket. It’s taken many hours to finish this, but it sounds (and looks) great. Into the third day of trying to design a way to achieve this, I was thinking how ridiculous this is becoming, but now it’s done, with the improvement in sound and appearance, I’m glad I did. So, if you have a soundbar, it’s definitely worth trying it off any cabinet, particularly low down below the tv.

One thing to note is neither my LG tv or my Panasonic PVR remote will pair to it, so I’m left with the tiny Dali one.

I’ve connected it to the tv via QED Reference Quartz optic cable, but I’m putting in a Wireworld Supernova 7 shortly to see what happens there.

Most likely a complete overkill, but I’m waiting for Atlas EOS mains cable to try too.


Well the 2 cable’s package arrives today. Will the Supernova 7 optical be any different from the QED Reference Quartz and will the Atlas EOS mains cable do anything? I know you’re all on the edge of your seats, so I’ll report back asap.