Dali Rubicon C speakers

Does anyone have any experience of these hifi wireless speakers. Interested to find out what they sound like,

Hi, I have the passive 2’s and these are sublime, period. Given that the active one is absolutely the same speaker, same driver, same cabinet, I guess it should not me that far away from the passive ones sound wise.

I used to drive mines with 5si integrated amp and there was always something missing, as if the speaker was really struggling when playing some complex notes. I always thought it was due to a lack of synergy between and blamed mostly the speaker for the messy sound, until I switched to SN2… I was so wrong. SN2+DALI Rubicon 2 is a very balanced combo, coherent sound and what strikes me the most, as I usually listen late nights, is how good they are at low volume listening. The good part is that for the active ones you do not even need that kind of an amp, actually you do not need any amp.

DALI is not mentioned frequently here, so do not expect many replies, but if you have auditioned any DALI speaker, even Zensor series, then you should be already familiar with the sound signature, just quite a bit more refined.

Are you referring to the Rubicon 6c or the 2c?.

I very recently home auditioned the Dali Rubicon 6.
High frequencies are clear and very impressively layered due to the ribbon/soft dome combination.
And bottom end really hits hard.

I enjoyed the Dali, they are a smooth and refined speaker with excellent detail.
Huge soundstage.

The downsides I found, and my reason for returning them was the midrange was recessed and lacking clarity.
Bottom end can become unruly and take over with certain recordings.
The dali obviously IMO has a pronounced treble and bottom end, mids are set back a little in the picture.

The rubicons are a matter of personnel taste and i would definitely home demo if you can.

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