Damaged Cartridge

Well, yesterday while sat on the sofa I noticed the tonearm on my Rega P8 was slightly off its cradle. On closer inspection I found the cantilever on my Hana ML sitting 90 degrees from the body. How this has happened I have no idea and nobody in the house is owning up to being near the TT which they know is out of bounds. :joy:

It’s happened and I can’t change that so I’m now thinking what I replace it with? I found the Hana to be fabulous and I thoroughly expect to replace it with another one, but I have to ask the question what else should I consider?
The rest of my system is Rega P8, PS Audio Stellar phono amp, Naim Supernait2 and ProAc Tablette 10 Signature.


I think that Dynavector produce a fabulous range of cartridges, from modestly priced to eye-wateringly expensive.

I had three of the XX2MkII model over ten years, but I now have the fabulous Te Kaitora Rua - a really high end cartridge for a (comparatively) modest price. All fit the ARO perfectly, which is refreshing.

Most of their cartridges are made in Japan, but the TKR is made in New Zealand.

They also have a pretty generous trade in policy, when exchanging new for old cartridges.


I didn’t know the TKR is made in NZ , are you sure about that Graham?

Yes it has a traditional Maori name but who is the manufacturer in NZ ?

Same deal with my p8; dealer blamed the cleaning lady but no.
Of course stylus can’t be replaced, new cartridge cost significant percentage of the p8 total. Still unhappy, rethinking vinyl.


I have two tonearms and two expensive cartridges. I can’t really cover the TT with a dustcover, so I always attach the stylus guards at the end of a listening session. Even if someone bumps or snags the head shell I should be pretty well protected.

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Buy what you like. If you like the Hana, you might have them rebuild it for you and keep it as a spare. They might also give you a nice price on the new one. Lyra did this for me when I bought the Kleos SL and had the Helikon rebuilt. If you do it through your dealer, he can sell the rebuilt cartridge on as new, with a demo discount. It helps Hana’s installed base and your dealer.


I also have a Hana ML, a very good pickup but I can miss a bit of the attack that the Dynavector pickups have so if I were to change it would probably be a Dynavector XX2 mkII…


Sorry, Bevo, I have no idea where exactly it is made, other than reading in some product literature that it’s from NZ.

PS I found something about this on the Audio T (Cardiff) website. It confirms that the cartridge is a collaboration between the Japanese parent company and the NZ subsidiary, but doesn’t say where in NZ it is built.

I have a young lady who comes once a week to clean my home. She knows that, if she touches my LP12, she won’t have a job here!


@graham55 and @Bjorn Dynavector was probably the one that sprug to my mind and despite really enjoying the ML I may give the Dynavector a try. Is there a sweet spot to focus on, ranging from 20X2L through to 17DX which seems the same cost as XX-2?

Umami blue surely. Step up in a cartridge line you are familiar with and the dealer may give an allowance against the damaged cart.


That would probably be fabulous, but not sure I want to go quite so high, was looking in the £1k-£1.5k bracket really.

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I have had the 17DX and the XX-2, and thought that the XX2 was infinitely better, so that would be my recommendation.


The original Dynavector guy in NZ is actually now in Sydney ( has been for many years) where he manufactures items such as the P75 phono

I’ll do some digging around your cartridge as to who and where manufactured now


Sorry to hear this. You join an illustrious club, of which I’m very much a fully paid up member!

On the Rega RP8/10 and P8/10 and Naia I would recommend a cover of some sort for when the deck is not in use. On my RP10 I use a Pro-Ject and it’s excellent.


Thanks, Bevo. It seems to be a bit of a cottage industry - but they are great cartridges.

This complicated background may explain why the cartridges are not better known, or indeed not more enthusiastically promoted.

Agree - my dealer stocks both Linn and DV cartridges and likes them both obviously

I’ve had both but slightly prefer the Kandid to the DV equivalent

Each to their own

Of course!

Will you be able to claim on your home insurance for the cost of the replacement cartridge? It must be worth a shot! (Although problematic if you don’t know how it happened. I suppose that you can just say something vague on the claim form, such as ‘I must have knocked it’, or similar.)


Richard, that’s a nice cover. Would they do one for the solstice turntable ? Could you point me in the right direction ?

Thanks Richard, a cover makes perfect sense however I have the P8 on the Rega wall bracket which wouldn’t allow a full cover similar to yours, it does have the supplied flat cover on at all times when not in use. Also, I would love to be able to put the cartridge cover on the Hana but the design makes that a perilous task!

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