Dame Barbara Windsor RIP

Dame Barbara Windsor: Carry On and EastEnders actress dies aged 83

I met Barbara a few years ago and she was an absolute joy to chat to. A national institution!
Thank you for the memories.

For me, incredibly sad. She was part of my childhood through the Carry On films, which I love to this day.

An incredibly interesting life, a true star.


Rip Barbara :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I loved her many parts.



What a shame, sad that she had to die this way.
R.I.P Dame Barbera


God bless Babs. Even if the bourgeois puritans at The Guardian disapprove, I’ll be watching a feast of Sid, Babs, the two Kennies, Hat, Joanie, Charlie and the rest of the gang over the weekend.



Any in particular?

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I doubt there are many schoolboys from the 60s and 70s who didn’t grow up enjoying these farcical films just to see a bit of ‘babs’.

I still like the majority of them especially the medical ones.

The worst of the colour era was probably Carry on Girls as the awful bum pinching old duffer is so unpleasant. How could we really think that was ever acceptable? Carry on England and Carry on Abroad were pretty dire too.

Carry on Cleo and Carry on Screaming were probably my favourites, the BluRays are very good quality. Don’t think she was in either.

Indeed, Gazza. Terrible thing to suffer and die from. Still, she managed, with her husbands help, to use her fame to raise awareness of this terrible thing. RIP

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Yes she was very brave…and deserved to be a Dame❤️

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Her husband (now widower) seems like an amazingly good bloke.

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