Damping feet on Nova

Is it useful or even necessary to put damping feet under the chassis of the UNIT NOVA?
If your answer is affirmative, could you suggest me some effective models and if possible tested in your devices?
The nova is simply placed on the shelf of a rather large and heavy storage unit.
I sold the music tools shelf unit because I simplified the system a lot and it was no longer needed.

I would say no, it’s not really useful or necessary, but if you like the idea then there’s no real reason not to try it out. I think IsoAcoustics has some nice pucks that could be suitable for this:

The Nova is 13kg so you’d need Bordeaux x 4 which cost £316. It seems a lot but I paid more for my Powerline - has anyone tried them with a Nova?

I believe you would need 4 Bronze (on the edge of their specs), or 3 Indigo.

The weight capacity is per puck, so in case you would place 3 under a Nova the Indigo would suffice.

Yep - I didn’t realise the weight was per foot. Four bronze cost £180 which is definitely interesting if they make a difference.

I have 3 Indigo under Muso 1, seems to tame the bass.

Naim cups and balls and a piece of toughened glass.

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That’s what I would do too. Raising a box with extra feet always makes it look slightly ridiculous. It’s also worth remembering that Naim products do already come with isolating feet, though those on the Unitis may be different from those on the Classic range.

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Atom doesn’t have much in the way of isolation feet, just look like thin rubber feet to me. They certainly dont have any movement or think to absorb much. I put some Vibrapods under mine, not really sure they make much of a difference but I keep them there all the same.

I would say don’t as you will change the sonic signature probably dampen it.

Then I remembered I have Synergistic Research MIG2.0 under my Nova and Innuos Zenith, all sat on a full fat Fraim.

For £300 they where a bigger step up than the Fraim.

These pucks remind of of the old Sorbathene support, just made it all sound spongy.

If the weight distribution of the Nova is anything like its predecessor the SuperUniti, then according the IsoAcoustic specs you would need different duty pucks supporting one side of the Nova to those on the other side. This of course would be silly.

The feet as supplied on the Nova are just as Naim intended, I’m sure that they are fine.


All the feet in every brand component are the brand intended. But in most cases you can improve on them.
However good feet are expensive, like Stillpoints, HRS….Not sure it’s worth for a Nova. Maybe Isoacoustics….

A bit over the top but as my Nova shared the tv stand I used Quadraspire reference pads and they made a considerable improvement to the SQ.
Their basic pads made a noticeable difference to a Mu-So that I use as a sound bar.

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