Damping floor 'vibrations' from upright digital piano

I have an upright digital piano in my bedroom on the 1st floor of our house. The room is carpeted over floor boards. Problem i have is that when i “play” the piano (with headphones so as not to embarrass myself!) – my daughter can hear the thud thud vibrations through the floor from her bedroom next door and also from the lounge downstairs.

I was wondering whether anyone knows whether its possible to put something (a vibration absorber?) over the carpet where the piano sits to attenuate these vibrations? Would be most grateful… thanks…


One cheap (potential) solution would be to use vibration damping material/cups/pads that are used for washing machines - look on the River/e-bay and you should see the stuff. Obviously, you can cut up the sheets with a Stanley knife as required.

No specific solution, other than some form of more resilient matting or replacement feet. You could try speaking to a piano shop. Otherwise play through the speaker: the sound of music will make the key noise less obvious, and possibly less irritating!

If you look around (such as fleabay, you can find people selling sorbothane blocks, get a set of these to match the weight of the piano, then sandwich the between something solid like some tiles and put these under the feet of piano. This will be about the most effective solution that’s easily implemented.

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Can I emphasise this part of Xanthe’s post:

It’s important to get this right for it to work, otherwise it’s too spongy or too stiff to dampen effectively.

How about Townshend Podiums… ?


I’ll get my hat…

Crikey !! What am I saying ! Just seen this…

Piano Isolators - Townshend (townshendaudio.com)

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You thought making a joke, but no. It really exists.

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Piano soundproof carpet, on Amazon.

Ah thanks for that, I see great opportunities. I’ll tell my wife that we need only 3 of these when we upgrade to a grand instead of 4 when we stick with the upright.

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Slightly different approach you could try placing a heavy substrate between the keboard and the carpet, essentially isolating and creating a mass damped system.

Thinking something like a sheet of marble or even garden slabs. Not too heavy mind!

Thank you very much for the very helpful responses. let me study and understand them then i will figure out the best way fwd. Thanks again.


On the other hand, I wonder how they’d work under Shahinian castors……

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