Danger Will Robinson - Qobuz

In December I contacted Qobuz and asked them to temporarily up my subscription from HiFi to Studio to hear if the HiRes streaming was worthwhile. By paying in a lump sum rather than monthly this change would be virtualy no charge.

Interestingly Kazoo, which I use to control my Klimax, continused to report 16bit 44.1; but, I thought that HiDef files did sound a tad clearer, better diferentiated and dynamic.

Having bought the 300dr I was thoroughly enjoying the music when a couple of weeks ago things took a subtle dip.

Yesterday I decided to bit the bullet and change to Studio, and yes the system returned to its previous state.

As with other things HiFi, if you would rather keep your money in your wallet this is one NOT to try. But if you are happy to pay the lump sum then it is a VERY cheap upgrade.

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