Danish black metal artist makes trad folk album

…and now for something completely different!

Myrkur is apparently famous as a black metal artist and certainly a few of her videos seem to involve screaming and drooling blood.

Anyway I saw a review for her new album Folksange (Folksongs) and it is a truly lovely and intriguing thing. She has a beautiful voice and the arrangements (and recording) are fabulous. It is suffused with a sense of dark and at times gothic strangeness. No jolly maidens on the way to market I suspect. Think Clannad meets Nick Cave? Interesting stuff.

The scenery is pretty stunning too. Iceland I think


Thanks for this info! As a metal music enjoyer I’ll eagerly check this one out.

You might prefer her other albums to this, it is a long way from metal!

I’m listening to this album now. It’s quite remarkable and well recorded, as far as you can make out given Tidal’s limitations.

Interesting album, and the reference to Clannad is pretty apt.

@DazedDegsy - I’m a bit confused by your reference to Tidal’s limitations. Do you mean the fact that the album is not yet available in MQA?

Edit: Sorry DazedDegsy - I was being facetious. What I really mean to say is that I find little or no difference on my systems between Tidal & Qobuz and Tidal & my locally streamed files from my NAS. From a sound quality perspective on my systems Tidal doesn’t really have limitations.

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On a note aside, she has made some absolutely amazing appearances with Smashing Pumpkins. Also a bit out of her normal oevre. I can’t seem to find any decent videos, though.

I know comparing artists with their parents is utterly unfair, but in her case it is in fact slightly curious. Her father Michael Bruun played in a couple of the major bands in Danish pop through the eighties. So, as the saying goes: “a chip off the old block”, is both true in her case and then absolutely not so…

Her dad on guitar about three minutes in (the red strat)…

No problem Hmack, you have nice collection of systems btw.
I haven’t tried Qobuz.
All I meant was that Tidal doesn’t sound as good on my 272 as my NAS does.
However it has sounded considerably better, and good enough to listen to actively, since I improved my cable-dressing.

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Indeed, thanks for the post here Bruce. I have posted this a couple of times on the What are you listening to thread - not many takers which is a shame since this really caught my attention. I must admit to being really really confused when searching through older albums & thought “no, this cannot be the same artist” having made the same mistake with different groups with the same name - no mistake here. Very different but very engaging.

touché :grinning:

Very good Bruce. Ta!

I actually read a review today and listened to the whole album.
Great stuff! I will definetely get this on vinyl.

Just listened the song with headphones and I really liked it. Video was also beautiful. Parts of the song reminded me of Sami music. Nice recommendation, thanks!

She’s a bit of a hipster BM artist rather than a full bore blood drinker AFAIK, but fair play to her.

There’s form on this kind of move, though.

This is Ulver:

Yet this is also Ulver (and when I last saw them, they’d changed into something completely different again):

And a couple of the members of this band:

Went on to form this one:

Strange where people end up!


I’d never heard of Black Metal so had to look it up. Seems as if some of the early foundational artists in Norway went in for burning down churches, homophobic murder, killing each other and using a photo of a suicide as an album cover. Really? Gosh! And in lovely peaceful Norway!

OTOH I really liked the music. I enjoyed watching the spectacular scenery as well, but just not at the same time as the song. I found the pictures distracted from the music and vice versa but that’s just me. However, the music was very much to my taste and I think that’ll be my Bandcamp download for the day.

Thanks, Roger

Listening via Qobuz. Very harmonious and a great voice. Will dig into the Black Metal back catalogue later! Thanks for great recommendation.

from 2004

Not a huge reach to 2017 Offa Rex (Olivia Chaney and The Decemberists) release.

Enjoying the Myrkur release. Thank you.

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I purchased Folksange on Vinyl a few days back. Very pleased with it. Enough so that I thought I’d investigate the Black Metal. It has it’s moments to be sure, but on balance I know I’d never be able to reconcile the more melodic moments with the aural terror accompanying them. I have taken the plunge and purchased Mausoleum which should be arriving today with any luck.

“Live recording from the historic Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo, Norway. Aptly titled ‘Mausoleum’, the album features beautifully dramatic and stripped down acoustic reinventions of seven songs from ‘M’ plus one brand new song and a Bathory cover; all with the accompaniment of the storied Norwegian Girls Choir.”

I have just ordered the vinyl of Folksange.
I must say that it is a little misleading to label Myrkur as Black Metal (especially “Folksange”).
Listen to Marduk, Mayhem, Bathory etc. and you will understand what I mean.

“Marduk - The Blonde Beast”, there is a track that shows what true Black Metal is about, as well as giving your speakers a workout :grin:

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