Dark mode and booklets in the Naim app

Could I check whether this is just me or a (very minor) glitch in the app? I like to use dark mode on my iPad because, while black has some drawbacks, I find the predominantly white background of the regular light mode a bit much for my tired old eyes. I have the app style set to “Steel”. When I look at a booklet in the app in dark mode the first few pages (track information and such like) can’t be read because the text is obliterated by black stripes. There’s no issue with light mode. Just me, or do others see this? Thank you!

I noticed this a few months ago, and reported it to Naim, who agreed that dark mode was the issue, so hopefully it’s on their list of faults to be fixed. Possibly a low priority for them just now, until they have the random reboot and screen freeze issues sorted.

Great thank you. I’m glad it’s not just me. Quite agree that this is an “in due course” point.

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