Dark Side Of The Moon

Anyone have any idea whether or not there will be a standalone release of James Guthries DSOTM cd ?….
Amazon list the 1974 concert remix on cd , but not the remix of the original album.
The original album remix looks to be included in the box set….have no requirement for the vinyl items …so it seems an expensive way to get the remixed original !
Would be interested for others views.

Maybe you can find the answer here in an existing thread?

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Thanks for that…I think I am confusing re- mix and re- master!

If they’ve gone to the trouble of re-mixing the original, I imagine that a remixed CD will be issued, once the nutcases - sorry, I meant hardcore PF fans - have bought up as many of the big, expensive boxes as the record company is able to flog.

Also HR (192/24, 96/24) is available. Preorder at the mo

Then there’s the big question as to whether a remaster (or remix) will sound better than the original - not a certainty in my experience…

As it’s a James Guthrie remaster & if his work on Animals is the benchmark …… then it should be
Whatever, I will let the first release clamour die down and then if the consensus is that it is better, then I will get a 192/24 copy


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