Dark to light on Naim app

I switched from dark to light background. Didn’t like it.
Can’t switch back to dark. Went to other settings and clicked on dark.
Then says need to restart app to change.
How to “restart app?”
Please explain.

Click device on middle top

Next screen Press Back arrow on top left

Then select existing devices


It will depend on which phone you are using. On an iPhone with a home button, double click the button then swipe the Naim app off the top. If it has no button, drag up from the bottom to get the app selector. Then swipe the app off the screen. Then reopen it.

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That doesn’t restart the app. What HH says is the way to do it with an iPhone.

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I use an iPad
What fixed it was turning iPad off, then on

You stop an app on an iPad in exactly the same way as in an iPhone. You should try sometime because it can be useful.

And yes of course turning the ipad off and on again will also do it. But it takes longer.

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