DAVE and Innuos

Between mscaler and tt2 I use wave storm. Between Innuos and mscaler tellurium q ultra black

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I run an Innuos Zen Mink MkIII + Psu + PhoenixUSB and it sounds utterly sublime. 2/3rds are burnt CDs, the rest Qobuz + a smattering of purchased albums.

Thanks dayjay.

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We found that adding M Scaler to a DAVE took music to a whole new level I’m afraid. Expressed in Hifi terms, there are many small improvements and a jump in imaging scale.

Expressed musically or emotionally, the M Scaler made music sound less analytical, less gritty/grainy/harsh, more natural, flowing and immersive.

For us, M Scaler just made music sound right in a way that bare DAVE couldn’t. And the difference was obvious and convincing in seconds.

Using v good interconnects from DAVE to your Naim pre-amp really pays off, as do WAVE Storm cables between the Chord duo.

Enjoy your audition!

Best regards, BF


Agree with this, out of interest took the MScaler out my system yesterday to see what/if any difference it made, lasted about one album and put it back. There is just more of everything, more organic.
The BNC cables do make a difference, like you I use the Wave Storm, they are very good.


Hi Nick, thank you very much for these observations and yes, I too thought the Zenith Mk3 was a big improvement with the DAVE. The world of streaming certainly is a real eye-opener!

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S after spending some time with the DAVE and initially a Zen Mk 3 followed by a Zenith Mk3, I have has a wonderful insight into streaming at terrific quality. I now have experienced first hand the staggering scale, dynamics, drive and bass control that the DAVE can deliver and all with a remarkably big sound stage. Some recordings however have come across as just a little too screechy at the top end such that whilst the sound is undoubtedly exhilarating, ultimately you reach for the volume down button and / or skip onwards.

I have also managed to borrow a brand new Weiss 501 Mk 2 DAC that can also stream itself. This has a very different sound to the DAVE. Even though the experience with the free M-Connect App on my phone is a little hit and miss (it was free after all…), the sound with well-recorded material is simply sublime - never fatiguing or too forthright, but sensational with vocals and extremely easy to let it simply play from one track to the next. It seems to be well received by the HiFi press, and it might very well make a good alternative to DAVE and as it works right out of the box, I can add a streamer and CD transport at leisure. Has anyone else had experience with the Weiss DAC’s? Is there any other technique I could employ to smooth out the occasional top end over-exuberance on the DAVE if I end up going down that route? Thank you all!

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At that price level you have also the Denafrips, DCS Lina, Ndx2 / Xpsdr.
I recommend you the Steve Huff site. He reviewed the Dave, the Weiss, the Denafrips and the DCS, also the Nagra. And compared them.
It can give you some perspectives.

If you like DAVE but are hearing a slightly wearing or relentless sound, then it may be worth hearing what the Chord M Scaler can bring to bear. It adds a lot of cost to a DAVE but brings even more natural music. If this is above your budget, then the M Scaler + Chord TT2 is about the same as bare DAVE.

It would also be well worth hearing what a Naim NDX 2 can deliver, especially with an external power supply.

Finally, for a slightly left field suggestion, look up the Holoaudio May dac. It’s a quite special R2R dac and relatively low cost for this type of dac.

Enjoy your auditions and the journey!

Best regards, BF

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