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I have just bought db Poweramp cd ripper but i’m having trouble, it works fine with groups and artists cd’s, but when i try to rip compilations or various artists on a mac it does not put the album into a folder. It seems to put each track as a folder, then you have put those folders (tracks) into a folder as a compilation folder and this makes it a tedious task (hope this makes sense).Can someone please tell me what the settings are supposed to be for compilations/various artist cd’s. Didn’t have this problem when i was using windows trial edition, but i would prefer to use this on my mac because this is my main computer.

Google this “db poweramp rip compilation cd” and you’ll find plenty of info on the dbpoweramp forum: E.g.,

Use the default naming::

[IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[IFCOMP]Various Artists[][IF!COMP][artist][][][album][track] [artist] - [title]

It keeps the compilation together.

Hmmm, i’ve just tried that and it’s still not working and thanks for the quick reply.

Have you tried comparing the settings between your Windows and Mac versions.
Mine always worked OK on Windows.
Failing that suggest posting your problem with as much detail as possible on Asset/dBpoweramp forum (and even check if it has been reported before). Update - see you have done that.

I went onto their forum and got this reply… "have you ticked the “compilation” flag on the ripper screen? And you might add an album artist (Various Artists). And modify your naming string to put compilation flagged albums into their own folder. This is what I use:

[MAXLENGTH]240,[IFCOMP]Compilations[album][IFMULTI]\Disc [disc][][track] - [title] - [artist][][IF!COMP][IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[artist][][album][IFMULTI]\Disc [disc][][track] - [title][][]

This is for windows. If a Mac, change the backslashes to forwardslashes." …I think that might have done it, i’ve changed the “back slashes” to “forward slashes” like you said and it seems to be working. Thank you.

When i had the trial version and used it on windows, just like you i had no problems. But the mac it was not so straight forward and i use the mac a lot more, that’s why i bought it for the mac.

Glad you seem to have it sorted.

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