DBL grills

Could someone, please, do point me for a place to buy the grills for the DBL speakers?
If possible at a reasonable price :slight_smile:
Many thanks in advance.

Hi Jagba

I believe Tom tom audio have replacement grilles available.


Hi Trevtherev,
Many thanks for your input, but I’m trying to find a not so expensive solution, if there it is one…

Cant comment on that.

My DBL grilles have disintegrated so I will need replacements soon.


Same here :frowning:

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. Although they are expensive, the Tom Tom ones actually better than the originals. The foam cutting is much more precise.

Yes, it really looks like

The Tom Tom foams are indeed excellent. Although my DBL ones aren’t crumbling yet, I bought a spare set because I understand there will only be a limited number produced.


Really ought to get some for my SBLs - 22 years isn’t too bad I suppose before they started to go!

Another vote for the Tom Tom Audio DBL grills. I bought a paar of them last summer and they are top quality.

Many thanks for all your input. I guess I’ll go for the Tom Tom ones!

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Does anyone have an alternative contact for Tom Tom Audio?
I’m trying to get in contact with no luck.
They don’t reply to emails too.
Many thanks

EDIT: Got it!

There’s a source for DBL grills in the USA. Due to (silly) forum rules I can’t post a link. Google Naim DBL foam grills and you should be able to find the supplier.

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