Dbl nbl tweeter plate grommets

Hi all,
I’ve had new tweeterplates for my dbls for a long time and want to install them. Just wondering how to get the 4 grommets in the holes, do you just squash and force them in or is there a more elegant way of doing it?

Also, while I’m on the subject, why is hylomar blue used on the tweeters? hardly seems necessary since the plastic tweeter is held against the tweeter plate with 4 allen bolts and a metal ring around the back of the tweeter. Understand the need on bass drivers and even mids to seal the join, but dont see why its needed on the scanspeak tweeter.
Richard, any ideas?
Thanks, Mario.

Apply some baby oil to them
You won’t need much and they will slide out very easy
Once re installed on the new plate let them sit till the baby oil evaporates

Can you post some pictures ?
Many greetings :wink:

Sorry Mario, I cant rightly recall now.

No worries Richard, the baby oil suggestion looks like a good one, thanks Hififofum. Still cant see why the blue goo was used on tweeters, guess its just naim being naim.

Hi Charlie, here’s one I took showing the importance of dressing the tweeter cables, they are coiled so they dont interfere with the compliance of the tweeter mount. If you tap the tweeter, they bounce nicely like an lp12, but not for as long.

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more pics


Thanks, very informative. I have not opened the tweeters of my dbls so far. Actually none of the drivers but I do contemplate to have the bass drivers reconed from ATC And I would have to remove the drivers from the bass cabinet. So you replaced the plates of the tweeters but not the tweeters themselves? What would be the rational? Sorry if it’s a silly question, but what benefit do you expect just replacing the plates?
Many greetings :wink:

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Hi again and sorry for the confusion, i was changing the plates because the previous owner stuck a screw driver under the flaps of the plate and cosmetically damaged them. There is an instruction in the manual to do this but I dont really see why it would need to be done if the plates are installed correctly. The screws should be only done up for the grommets to only just engage between the baffle and the tweeter plate and if owners do them up too much or muck up the wire dressing, the whole thing wont be decoupled. I’ve had the new plates for a few years and naim dont have any more. I actually fixed the original ones by carefully bending them back in place but you could see that they were bent back and forth. This was just something I hadn’t got round to doing and purely cosmetic. I dare say a pair of new tweeters would freshen up the sound but I see on another place that you have done this already - sort of :grin:

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Hi Mario
Ok, I can see now where you are coming from. I was courious enough now this morning to dismantle the tweeters of my dbls just to familiarize with how it looks like in there. I also took out the mid drivers for a check in particular to see what conditions the interior foaming is like. Seems all fine to me. As far as I know tweeters are still available but not the mid range drivers in case one needs replacements. As mentioned I may look into the reconing option offered from atc for the bass units as they may were out after years.
Anyway keep enjoying your dbls

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