Dbl refurbishing LF cabinet acoustic foam

Hi Charlie,
Not quite sure how you managed to measure the foam. Most of it was in a heap at the bottom and the rest just fell apart. So nothing to measure.

Did yours have what looks like white foam as in the photos. It looks in good condition, but I really need to remove the wooden plates to be able to tell. How did you get yours out without destroying them.

Seems that your foaming inside the pillars was completely desintegrated already. The white stuff is some synthetic wool in the very top of the pillars. It’s above the plates And you can reach it you open These wooden plates. As it seemed fine to me I just left it as it is.

When you scroll through my pictures above there you’ll see how the pads looked when I pulled them out from underneath … mostly almost completely broken up but still possible to take a measurement

In your pic there seem to be some rest of foam crumbs on the walls. So there must have been a heap of crumbs on the bottom of the lower cabinet then :see_no_evil:

Hi Charlie,

You did`nt say how you got the plates out without damaging them and does the 550 length go up the pillar to meet the synthetic wool at the top and the 340 or 240 width wrap around to form a cylinder or is it the other way round.

Yes there was a big heap of foam crumbs at the bottom of the cabinet when I pulled back the wool.

I’ll get back to you sometime later today
Must dash …

With respect to the foam
The 550 is the circumference of the foam cylinders
Either 240 or 340 high. You roll them up slide them in from underneath and then unfold them so they cover the inside evenly

I removed the wooden plates as follows
Remove all 10 screws
I then used 2 wall hooks with a perpendicular / recangular hook part ( that way you can pull them with your fingers ) with more or less identical threading to the screws and turned them in a couple of times but not so far that they would attach again with the cabinet- it’s more or less guess work.
One on the left side and one on the right side
Then pull both simultaneously nice and easy no aproupt force just continue to increase the pull with matching force left and right. Eventually the plate will come off without damaging the edges

Hope that is understandable

Hi Charlie,

So as its the 240 or 340 that goes up the pillar, does it go up as far as the wool or remain level with the bottom of the pillar. As mine was so badly deteriated I have no way of knowing.

Thanks for the advice about removing the plates and I am really grateful for all your help. I have been wanting to do this for the last 2 years but had not found anyone that had tackled the internal foam before.

It remains pretty much level with the bottom of the pillar. There are these two acoustic elements blocks whatever you like to call them, clearly visible in your pictures, it stays underneath these :wink:

I have ordered the Foam today, so that should be with me soon.

Today I removed both Bass Drivers, which was fairly straight forward and will probably take a trip to ATC to drop them off.

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Bass Drivers boxed up and ready for me to drop off at ATC which I did today.

Charlie do you know when you are getting yours back. It sounds as though it could be a while before I see mine back.

Just emailed with Hazel from ATC today, expect mine back in Friday …it’s been a while yes… so plan is to get them finally back on song next weekend. Have to check how long it’s been since I started that enterprise … OMG it was May 31st that I dismantled the drivers … almost three months now :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Wow timber boxes to keep the drivers safe - a good idea, still, shipping from a country outside the UK, anything can happen.

Hi Mario, Not sure what the Boxes ATC supply are like, but these I knocked up out of the Timber I had over from boarding my loft, so no extra cost to me and doing my bit for recycling.

Has any one with DBL`s tried the GAIA- TITANs ?


Foam has arrived.

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Have fun … :wink:

So have my drivers finally 2nd attempt …:hugs:


Is that from puresoundsales or Willy’s or a.n.other supplier?

Hi JimDog,

Foam was from Custom Foams and is spot on the sizes I ordered.

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Charlie, am I right in thinking that the Mid range cabinet has 2 layers of foam, so 50mm thick rather than 25mm and any thoughts on why Naim used 2 different lengths of bolts for the Mid Range driver, I noticed from your photo that yours seem to be different lengths as well.

Ok, with respect to foam of the midrange:
Yes, there are two layers of foam pads above each other in both cabinets, so total of 4 sheets. You need to cut them in the middle half way vertically to accommodate the cablings. Now, the opening is very narrow so it’s a little tricky to get the stuff in and out most importantly without damaging the cables or drivers. Furthermore left and right is a pack of wool.
I think I first removed the wool and stored it away in a separate plastic freezer bags each. Then carefully took the old foam layers out and cleaned the cabinets of remaining crumbs. Once sliced properly I rolled the new foam pads up longitudinally and slided them in somewhat tangential again always checking with one hand that the cables don’t get stressed.
Then the second foam pad same procedure and aligning them exactly on top of each other. Don’t bother the acoustic blocks behind on the cabinet wall they get covered up by the foam pads … don’t know why but apparently that’s the way it’s meant to be.
Now for the wool. I found it operational to leave them inside the plastic freezer bags compress them tightly and move the whole pack Inside to it’s place left or right to the recess not occupied by the foam pads . Again a little tricky and then slide/pull the wool out of the plastic bag and retrieve the empty plastic bag … it works. Arrange the wool so it’s fluffy and evenly distributed blindly by feel… :wink:

Oh and with respect to the bolts I didn’t notice a difference in length … :flushed:

Didn’t notice a difference in length? You need to get worried after you put them back together and you have some spare parts left :grin:

(I am sure you won’t though :blush:)

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