DBPoweramp can`t find labels

When I try to rip my Andante Classical cd boxes, DBP can`t find any metadata. I have have tried to change the lookup preferences without any luck. Do I really have to enter metadata manually (and add albumcover) or is there another way around?

Help appriciated.


If the online lookup services used by DBPA do not have an album listed, you can either try a different ripper/online lookup service, or enter it manually. On the rare occasions when I’ve had this problem, I have found that iTunes (now Apple Music) usually finds it. Last time I looked, they used Gracenote for metadata lookups, so perhaps that just has a larger catalogue.

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iTunes apear automatically when I insert cd on my old Mac Pro that I use for ripping. No metadata there either. Do you mean I should try other ripping services such as EAC? That may work, I will try out that.

It may be limited to these special labels, unluckily (luckily) I have some of them.

Thanks ChrisSU


How many roads must a man go down …? :blush: :roll_eyes:

I dont get to find EAC. When I download it (Switch) I only get access to the switch converter. iTunes detect some of the cds but when cd 1 in a 4 cd box is inserted, all tracks from all 4 cd`s appears.

I think I`ll go for manual typing of metadata.

Thanks, S

I don’t know just how many different online databases there are for use by CD rippers, but there’s no harm in trying some others in case one of them has the metadata you’re after. Sooner or later, I guess you just have to give up and enter it manually!

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Thanks, I agree, will experiment further, when all others are ripped.
Can I ask, how do I delete ripped albums from Asset? I manage, but not sure how I did it.
I want to delete when I have failed with typing metadata or album cover after ripping.


Best to just bang in the metadata yourself. I have done this several thousand times over the years. At least I know the tags are accurate. So many DBs return tags that are sloppy at best, inaccurate at worst. Downloads can also come with crap tags.

If you want to delete the album, just delete the files/folder from wherever they reside and re scan. If you want to scrub it clean and start tagging from scratch, you can try deleting all tags and start adding your own. dBpoweramp puts a Windows right click option of Convert. This option contains a tool to strip out tags (Deletions). You can strip out all of them if you want to. Then input the tags you want.

You can strip our tags and add tags to batches of files at a time. Each track needs its own name and track number, but a lot of the tags will be the same for all tracks in a particular album. Sometimes I merge double, triple, quadruple, etc. albums into one work. Each individual album/disc/collection of files can still reside uniquely, you just have to tag the tracks so that they index as a continuous list. If you want to.

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Thanks Harry.

Yes, I`m afraid manual tagging will come.

To be honest, this became a bit to much for a simple mind, but I will reread and sort out what you write.
About delete, I use Finder/ Synology on the Mac and delete there. When I enter the Asset app, deleted albums is still there. I try to rescan for changes in the Asset App, I restart Naim App, change input in the Naim app and after a while the deleted albums also disappear from Asset.
To me it seems like it takes some time for Asset to remove them, therefor I`m not certain what did the trick.


Ah yes. Ghosts. I expect the indexing takes longer than the scan. I’m sure there is a clever technical explanation. As long as they don’t hang around for too long.

I still have some teeth marks in my keyboard that remind me of what a ball ache it seemed when I was just starting to get into the tagging universe, but once you find your preferred tools and have them set up the way you like, you’ll be master of your own music and no pesky half arsed database will be necessary.

I don’t mind using databases for rips though - if they are any good. When ripping a CD (less frequent nowadays for me) I let dBpoweramp do an accurate rip and leave it for as long as it takes.

Have fun. You’ll get there. Maybe copy a small batch of files to another location and use them as test mules.

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