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I believe that DBpoweramp is a reliable and very accurate software. If I am not mistaken it relies on its database for error correction? How does it work? Does it recognise a version of a particular album? I.e. if I have the 2011 release does DBpoweramp recognise it?

dBpoweramp (& others) use “AccurateRip” which is a www database maintained by Illustrate, the parent company of dBpoweramp. It collects ripping data from around the world & each is verified to be identical to all others & is used to identify any errors on your rip.
Yes it will only compare against your actual CD’s release.
If no AccurateRip data is available it will rip your CD with a number of passes & that verifies that it has copied identical data & is a true copy of your CD.


What would be the best settings for using it? In terms of number of passes, etc? I’ve been trying it today and some albums get done within minutes whereas some others seem to take forever (15 minutes or more).

I’m on default settings. Some CDs take longer then others, this can be down to the condition of the CD and if you are ripping to flac the time taken to compress the audio. As long as the end result is a perfect rip then that’s all that matters.

However 15 mins sounds too long to me, it may be your PCs ROM drive that is underperforming. For the cost of them you could buy a new one?

4 to 6 minutes is how long mine take to rip.

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There are no “best” settings.
AccurateRip is the one to go for as it compares your specific CD release by its unique ID number to the data from Xn others & if they match, thats it, its all you need.

Secure Rip copies your CD, the Burst setting just copies it, the Secure setting runs at least 2 passes & compares & can recover errors.
Ultra Secure (this is the 15 minute program) runs at least 3 passes & a verification pass.
Secure & Ultra are true copies of your CD & if the CD is new & undamaged both are equally all you need, Ultra is way more than you need.

All this is described far better than I am able to on the dBpoweramp Setup Guide


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