dBpoweramp tagging?

During lockdown, I have spent a lot of time digitising around 190 of my 12" singles.
Having digitised them as FLAC’s, they all needed tagging.
Using DBPoweramp “Batch Converter” I have, I believe tagged them all, which are all in the same folder, with the same album name (Martin’s 12" remixes) and each track has it’s own name and individual artist. The whole album is tagged under “Album Artist” as “Various Artists”.
I have not numbered the tracks as I don’t wish to order them in a particular way.

The files saved to my computer all show the correct info when I play them.

If I go to the Downloads folder on the HDX using Finder on my Mac, they also play and show the correct info.

However, with the files on my NAS drive, there is nothing showing under “Various Artists” and I can only find the album by looking under “Album Name” then under “M” I find “Martin’s 12” Singles".

Furthermore, I cannot find the album on my HDX using n-Serve and I can’t for the life of me remember how to re-index the HDX…

I’d like it to be listed under “Various Artists” and I suspect I’m making a schoolboy error somewhere and hope that one of you might be able to suggest what might be wrong :slight_smile:

I had similar when I ripped my singles, here’s what made it work for me:

Album Artist: Various Artists
Artist: artist
Album Artist Sort: Various Artists
Artist Sort: artist
Album Title: Singles
Title: Track Title

where artist is the artist’s name and Track Title is the song, eg
Various Artists
Peter Gabriel
Various Artists
Gabriel, Peter (so he appears under “G” in the relevant view)

Hopefully it’ll work for you too, though it sounds as though you’re there or thereabouts already

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I’ve tried re-doing it as you’ve described @TallGuy but my HDX still refuses to display the album whereas my NAS with Asset does show it, albeit only if I search by album.
It isn’t listed under “Various Artists” but I can find it in Asset under the “Additional” tab, “Album by Artist” tab.
I feel I am so close but, no cigar yet…

Browsing under Album Artist in Asset would have Various Artists under V. I don’t think Album Artist is a default item in the browse tree so you may have to add it yourself (which is easy to do).

Browsing under Artist would find Sledgehammer under G but nothing under Various Artists.

My album is indeed listed under “V” in the artist tag “Various Artists” but only in when I’m using Asset.
My HDX doesn’t list the album at all, nor any of the tracks anywhere (that I can find), even though it’s definitely in the Downloads folder.
This is beginning to do my head in and I may simply always look for the album on my Synology server with Asset installed and search by album…

I’m not at all familiar with the HDX. Some sort of re-scan or re-index needed? Must be able to manually trigger one of those.

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Ah yes, I forgot my default Asset view is album by album artist. I amended the browse tree to only have 2 top level items - “album artist /album” and “additional”.

Don’t know what’s going on with your HDX; it does look like it’s not picking up your changes and needs a rescan. If you can’t remember how to do a rescan is it worth doing a power off/on to see if that forces one ?

(Asset won’t show the album in Artists view as you’ve not defined it by an artist, but by album artist, hence it showing in that view. You should see each individual track under its artist view)

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I’ve looked at the metadata of all my existing “Various Artists” compilations already on my system and they all appear to have the track title AND artist listed in the “Track” field, then the “Artist” is listed as “Various Artists”.
I think I’ll have a go re-naming them all to fit that same format and see what happens (not a 5 minute job…)
The HDX non-indexing will have to wait for the moment but a restart might be worth while thanks @TallGuy

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