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Maybe I have to change something in the settings?

I am doing it on a Mac, can’t use web browser to access it because of flash

As Chris says, you can use no username and no password as the credentials, ie leave both fields blank.

If, as it looks like, your US is on 1.7a firmware at the moment, then you will have to do the 1.7b firmware update before doing 1.7c. They have to be done sequentially.

You can burn the update CDs yourself, but you burn them using the iso image rather than copying the files to a CD. The updates are done by putting the CD into the US, it will be ejected after a couple of minutes, then you have to wait 10-15 minutes until the US restarts itself. Once the fast blinking logo has come on steady, you should be good to go. Be patient. It’s a slow process.



That looks like the manual??

I am on 1.7b, can’t find the 1.7c file to download on naim’s support page

Yes just for test

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Leaving blank deselects the “connect” button

It isn’t on Naim’s support page. For whatever reason they prefer to send it out where necessary. If you ring them then they will put a CD in the post for you.

It is available online from one of the German hifi sites, but you will need to be able to burn the CD still. I expect someone will come along and say which site!



Follow this link to the site of Focal Naim Deutschland (formerly Musicline)

click where it says “Musikserver” to expand, then click where it says “Download” in green.


That opens up a pdf file.
scroll to the bottom and click where the link in green to download the zip file (127 Mb download)


open up the archive in an appropriate bit of software for zip files and you’ll see it contains these files:
The pdf is just a copy of the one you’ve already opened from the music line site.


You need to burn the iso file to a CD-R which is then inserted into the unitiserve.

This is a translation of the instructions using Google translate.
Point 11 I think should read “1.7c” not “a”

Installation of version 1.7c
Important: During the update process, the music server must and may be connected to the network
under no circumstances be disconnected from the power supply! If an update is interrupted, the device must with
highly likely to be sent in for service.
Note: If you use Naim’s own Desktop Client program for Windows-based PCs for operation and configuration
Of your music server, you have to uninstall the existing version and the one on the update CD
Install version. If you are using n-Serve for Mac, the existing version may need to be
updated through the Mac App Store.
Note: If an external display is connected to the music server, this shows more extensive information
the status of the update process than the front display.

  1. Make sure the network connection is working, turn on the device and wait
    until the start menu is displayed. Make sure that no USB sticks are connected.
  2. Make sure that the version number is shown in the system status display (System Setup menu>
    System status> Overall Version) begins with “1.7a”.
    If the version number displayed is lower, download it from the Music Line website
    (http://www.music-line.biz/cms/Software.778.0.html) download the corresponding update package and follow
    The instructions it contains.
  3. Insert the 1.7c update CD and close the CD drawer.
  4. The device now reads in the data. This process takes about a minute.
  6. After about a minute, the device ejects the CD. Remove the CD immediately, but leave the CD tray if necessary
    open (not all music server models have a conventional CD tray).
  7. After a few seconds the start menu is no longer displayed, but “Please Wait” or “Please wait”.
  8. After about twenty minutes the device will restart and display the start menu.
  9. Move the device using the remote control or the shutdown button (HDX, HDX-SSD, NS01, NS02, NS03)
    or the front logo (UnitiServe, UnitiServe-SSD) in shutdown mode.
  10. Restart the device by switching it off and on again using the power switch.
  11. Make sure that the version number is shown in the system status display (System Setup menu>
    System status> Overall Version) begins with “1.7a”.
    Note: If the version number is incorrect, please contact your Naim dealer or local authority
    Sales company in connection.


Thanks, this way it finally worked!

I have to say, that I really prefer this option of flac being converted to wav on US then going into 272/XPS and to active ATC 50s. SQ is awesome!
There is this real finesse and instrument separation in the soundstage we usually hear in very expensive setups.

It may be worth adding that this is not just any site, but the German Naim distributor, MusicLine, now a part of Focal Naim Germany

Ripped the 1.7c to a disk, inserted - it did not work… the disk came out 10 mins after and system still 1.7b…

After the cd is ejected, there is still circa 20 minutes or more where the unit will perform the update.
Also the iso image must be burned to CD-R using appropriate software eg balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives

What does his mean? Did you burn the iso file as a disk image to a CD-R? (I.e., not just copied the file to a CD-R). https://www.lifewire.com/how-to-burn-an-iso-image-file-to-a-dvd-2626156

Yes sure burned the image to disc