DC cable with plug adaptor?


I decided to try linear power supply for my ASUS RT-AC68U router. But the problem is that Asus has non standard DC input plug size. It is sized 4.0mm (outer) and 1.35mm (inner).

So I can’t find DC cable with proper plug size for my Asus. The only solution would be to use adaptor. (5.5**2.1 to 4.0*1.35) like in attached picture.

Using high quality DC cable with cheap adaptor seems not good idea to me… So I’m thinking how much it will diminish the true effect of linear power supply.

Or maybe somebody knows where to find high quality DC cable with proper (high quality) plug size for my Asus? (I asked several sellers online, but nobody could offer DC cable with such plug size)



Really? I googled dc adapter kits and immediately found kits that include 4.0mm/1.35mm. Lanmu have a bunch.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about the adaptor. At least it’ll let you try out your power supply to see if it is beneficial in any way.


Yes, there are adaptors on the market. But my concern was about possible quality degradation using them.

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