Dc1 cable / re-arrange rca to DIN

Does anyone know if it is possible (e.g. at naim Service) to exchange the connections at a DC1 cable from RCA to BNC. Have a rca to BNC Version and would like BNC to BNC better. Got it S/H for a good price.

One can purchase a RCA to BNC adapter from good reputable audio cable companies for little under £10. Whether these are detrimental to the resulting sound quality? Who knows… Maybe you can sell on for a better price and look for a DC-1 BNC to BNC…

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Adaptors are good to get you up and running but should be avoided where best performance is concerned.

Probably one for Naim to answer re. changing the cable termination. However, it may be more cost effective to trade one against the other.


Thanks Richard …
It is for the „second source“ only. Nd5 (i bought a new one) is dc1 connected without adaper.
Hdx connection is for … whatever … only.
I bought a 14 euro Gold connector, which is really good spoken of. Think this will do!

As long as no humming is coming up and the double connection (hdx and nd5) won’t degrade sound for both, all is fine.
I could also have taken a cheaper cable, but there is no naim on it :slight_smile:

Is there a preferred choice between RCA vs BNC on spdif digital on Naim boxes or are they identical in performance?

75ohm BNC is preferred by Naim

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Or sell one and buy the other… :wink:

Yeah - they are a bit hard to get for a better price. As I I daily look in the sales platforms … :o)

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