dCS Lina and headphones audition adventure

Worth doing. Each manufacturer will have different instructions depending on tubes, caps and resistors used. Woo Audio give a 6hr max, Feliks 8 but others more and some less. No hard and fast rule!

Edit. Back on the dCS system. I really like how they’ve made a top end headphone focused system. Looks good but I do prefer the overall looks of the Atom HE more. I’d like them to use a glass panel for the front if they decide to create a top end version of the Atom HE.

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Thanks for explaining. And about the tubes being rested after 8 hours. I guess I would have to listen to such a set up to perceive the merits of running the Atom H. E into another headphone amplifier. I’m thinking of running the output into an amp which could drive speakers. Sorry to swerve from dCS.

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