DCS network bridge price increase

DCS has increased the price for it’s network bridge to 4320 GBP.

Not sure why they chose to do this, in a corona environment.

There’s of course always alternatives at much lower cost such ND5XS2, Meridian 210, The Auralics, Aurenders… seems there is some good amount of choice in streamers … Including Chord electronics own streamers.

Having seen the DCS with my own eyes, it’s a smaller box than the ND5XS2 - not sure what justifies the price hike?

What was it before?

Found 3250 from 2018?

Same thing that justifies Naims price increases. Size is no measure of anything other than size it does not equate to build or overall quality.

From what I can see, £3,600 was the pre-increase price, so approx 20% increase. Have dCS made any form of announcement to accompany the price increase(s)?

Ultimately though, hi-end HiFi is expensive, fact, but not compulsory.

I’ve heard from a number of sources that there have been some steep component cost price rises since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, and I’d imagine that there are also knock on effects from distancing measures within factories, and also additional logistical costs to bear too for some. I’m sure most have been trying to absorb the additional costs as much as possible, but if your margin gets too eroded then price increases are the only option.

Dear Richard

there’s a balance between supply and demand… sometimes prices increases just annoy customers away - permanently.

depends on the customer - hi-fi for most on this forum is compulsory… I think…

I would eagerly spend on hi-fi as my first choice…

Yup. White and brown goods especially. Where I am, washine machine prices more than doubled. It’s crazy.

As per your previous post, the consumer ultimately has the choice. They can choose to pay the price if they want, or go with a competitor, or choose an altogether cheaper option, or simply stick with what they have.

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