dCS Network Bridge SQ? See end of thread for conclusion

the review i was referring, by audiostream, pointed a better sound from the dcs bridge vs the microrendu with linear ps.
But difficult to say how the ultra rendu will sound. I think to remember that there is also an ultra rendu signature.

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Yes, the quote I took from that article has an unfair comparison of the much more expensive dCS NB vs the less expensive micro rendu

So as always one needs to be cautious about hifi reviews which are not scientific tests

Still in the full review he also does compare the dCS NB indirectly to a much more expensive streamer he’d had, iirc

Indeed FR and a brand new optical rendu about to be launched, together with an optical input version of the signature rendu.

Interesting way to achieve galvanic isolation using a fibre network input. I look forward to trying it out.

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lumin x1 has also an optical ethernet imput. It’s a 12k streamer/ dac.
Hope to read your feedback soon…

Right but you have to consider the fact that the DigiOne Signature requires two power supply units. I use a JS-2 (for the RPi side) and a LPS-1.2 (for the clean side) which together add about £1300 to the price of the Signature. Still, even with the power supplies, the Signature costs much less than the other three devices.

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Hmm… I’ll take this at face value and reply, though the tone does seem to be a touch aggressive.

I have a highly revealing and optimised/tuned system. Most dealers do not have such a system. Since the mid 90s, all tests/comparisons are carried in my own home, and usually not less than a week. I do not purchase a major piece of gear without such a test. I have to live with a component / cable for a while and keep going back and forth before deciding. Sometimes, it is easier of course.

I have not heard the dCS network bridge with a Naim DAC. Your original post made a statement, supported by a review.

dCS manufactures Class A products - no questions about it. They are high quality good sounding products. My point is that, to my ears, one can do better both in ultimate sound quality and at the price. I would like to further add that paying $4k for a bridge to hook up an older generation DAC to Roon is a waste of money in my view.

However, it’s your money and you are free to spend it however you want. You’ll not regret buying a dCS, and it might go well with your decor/other dCS gear/your rack or you might like the feel of it or you found a cheap second hand one or whatever. I’ve wasted quite a lot of money in this and other hobbies, so I’m definitely not lecturing anyone on being frugal or sensible!

If you’re looking at ultimate sound quality or value for money, you might want to try auditioning other gear. That was what I was trying to say.


Very good points, the quality of the transport should somehow relate to that of the downstream DAC. I like the DigiOne Signature (with good PSUs) a lot as a source for the Naim DAC, but I have not compared it to more expensive devices. The Hugo M Scaler does not have Ethernet inputs but it can easily be connected to something like an Allo USBridge transport or directly to a server or to Rendu device. Again, it would be a waste of resources using it to drive a Naim DAC. But, with relatively many inputs, it could pave the way for a transition to a more modern DAC. The dCS looks like a very interesting device but I understand that it cannot be controlled with a standard UPnP control point. Thus, no matter how it sounds, I would thoroughly test its control app before I commit. Which leads to the problem of most of the devices discussed in this thread: they are not easy to demo!

I agree that the dac of the 272 is not on the same level as the dcs bridge. But Jimdog could buy it for half money. He will be able to upgrade the dac in the future also.
The problem is perhaps the 272 concept, which is not so easily upgradable.
The next stage can be selling the 272, get a 282 second hand, and add a dac to the network bridge.

My ideal route is plug in the dCS Network Bridge
open a glass of sauvignon blanc
tap on Miles Davis Agharta
and relax


my ideal choice too, but Agharta on a turntable…

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I’ve got to say that I loved the dCS NB, it worked well with my Audio Note DAC. It was only bettered, perhaps, by an Intel NUC + Audio Linux …but, that was a PITA from the point of view of tuning. It was transparent to the slightest change in the chain that led to the DAC, and easily for the worse. Whereas the dCS was relatively immune to changes. Excellent device, and better than the Sonore and SOtM stable of products. I haven’t heard the Playback Designs Stream-IF.

A friend owns the dCS NB to whom I have offered to lend my Audio Note DAC, it is a wonderful combination.


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Thanks for letting me know these useful facts.
Did you try the dCS Network Bridge with any other DACs?
Did you connect into the dCS Network Bridge via Ethernet cable from a switch? (I have a Cisco 2960).
The Network Bridge has multi-stage power regulation to isolate the clock circuitry from digital processing noise. Did you just plug it into a mains socket? I’ve never heard of anyone using an additional PSU with it.

Hi Jim,

Used it with the Audio Note 2.1 and Hugo. I too have a Cisco 2960, in the loft, but this connects down to an LPSU powered TP-Link switch in with my HiFi.

I used the NB as is, this is one of the beauties of the device, no extraneous added boxes.

In the event I ended up buying a Linn Klimax DS/1 Renew, which even further reduced the box count. BUT, I do miss some of the subtle presentation of the AN. My friend MIGHT sell his dCS, in which case I will be highly tempted to buy it, and alternate between the Linn & the dCS/AN.


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An expert on the dCS Network Bridge just informed me that the above claim in the Stereophile review that it can "convert FLAC […] to uncompressed WAV’ is incorrect.
Rather, it will decode source files into an S/PDIF PCM (or DoP) output for a DAC to convert into analogue audio.

Asset on my £300 Qnap can convert flac to uncompressed WAV - it’s no big deal. It’s doing it right now.

Yes - I remembered you saying that about the QNAP when I read it in that Stereophile article https://www.stereophile.com/content/dcs-network-bridge-network-player.
As you say, it’s no big deal.

That is how Roon also sends it audio data. It only sends out raw pcm to DACs and endpoints.

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today, the great day? your dcs bridge should arrive, if i remember well.

I collect tomorrow…


Look forward to your verdict.

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