dCS Vivaldi Road trip

Got a vivaldi apex dac to have a play with for a few weeks.
Haven’t got the other 2 boxes that goes with the dac to give you up sampling, streaming and clock. But using my rossini clock and melco for streaming.
Interesting so far and different to my rossini ( non apex) plus no up sampling that my rossini has.


They’re not very pretty, are they? And they don’t exactly blend in with the Naim units, although I suppose that your local paintshop might be able to powdercoat them with a black crackle finish for you. (Poor old Antonio Vivaldi must be turning in his grave to have his name traduced in this way.)

(I was hoping for Loveday and Marriner’s incomparable ‘Four Seasons’ when I saw the thread title.)


Very nice. Hi-Fi Critic dropped through the letterbox earlier and I see MC is reviewing the Apex version of the Rossini.


I would say they are lovely looking, they are beautifully made and the face is made from a solid billet thats been machined with them lovely curves.
They do also black, but this tends to hide the lovely lines.
Obviously very different to the naim boxes for looks, but its the sound that matters and that for sure is something that mr vivaldi i am sure would very much like.


Or the good old Gloria which kept me in classical music when I was a teenager.

Rossini’s petit messe solenelle has more depth than most Vivaldis works though. Wasn’t Vivaldi the bloke who wrote the same violin concert many times?!

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That’s funny. That was my first thought as well and I was also just a tad disappointed.

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Well after quite a few albums etc, i can say the obvious really.
Yes the vivaldi is a better dac against my rossini, just like the rossini was better than the bartock.
Would certainly like to hear an apex rossini against the apex vivaldi, but i don’t have that option.
This dac has a nicer tone to it, more natural, even wider, vocals are stunning, but its just so clear and i am quite shocked at the difference as last time i compared them at the dealers, be it non apex back then, i found the difference much less, maybe it has a lot to do with the apex upgrade.
Anyway i know not many are interested, but for the few that are, definitely give one a try if you can.


I’m interested :slightly_smiling_face:

When I had a demo one here at home I compared a few different USB cables and couldn’t believe the difference they made. Best one for me was Shunyata Omega. I really would like to be a cable skeptic, life would be a lot simpler and cheaper! And I agree it is a stunning DAC.


I was givern a CAD usb cable never heard of them.
But it sounds very good as it is and adding its own clock and upsampler to it takes it even to a higher level, but at an eye watering price i must add.

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Well this dCS vivaldi has certainly won my heart, it is simply the best dac i have ever had the pleasure to listen too.
My rossini and clock is good, but this makes it sound boring and lifeless and it certainly isn’t but that’s what a vivaldi does.
My system with this in it has taken a huge step forward and i can’t get over how much better it is.
Well no more to say and off to enjoy more music as everything i play sounds lush.

If anyone ever fancies have a listen then please get in touch via Richard


Well the rossini player and rossini clock has gone and is being replaced with a vivaldi dac and upsampler, just need to wait 6 to 8 weeks as it needs to be made but order is in.
A very big upgrade on its way and didn’t think i would ever go any further over the rossini, but thats life as they say.


I’ve had my Vivaldi DAC for nearly two weeks now and been listening to it most nights in a trance like state :slightly_smiling_face: it is stunningly good. Waiting for my Vivaldi clock to arrive - hopefully very soon.

You’ve gone for the Upsampler? I guess it’s only a question of time … and money :flushed:

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I have just been “slumming” it with my Rossini for the past 2 years…and now with the APEX upgrade these last several months - however I am jealous :wink:

Congratulations Dunc


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Not exactly slumming it with an apex rossini and clock Gregg.
As you know its a fantastic source and with the apex its gone into an even higher level of performance, its just that i was offered a very good deal to move up to the vivaldi dac over getting my rossini player apex’ed and so took it, plus i hardly ever used the cd player so not going to miss that.

Not tempted by the new Vivaldi One Apex and save all the extra boxes ?

No as its expensive and not interested in the player side at all, the dealer i use has 2 off them but has had no interest in them at all so far

My vivaldi is in, but no upsampler yet.
But on its own its sounding wonderful and will get better once the other box gets added in a few weeks time, the clock will have to wait as i am all spent out big time.
But even on its own i can see or should i say hear why its one of the best dacs ever made, simply stunning.


Well after the disappointment with my tape decks and the fact i got home early today, i decided to have a play with my speakers as far as placement is concerned.
The reason for this is because the vivaldi is very different to what my rossini was, plus its settled down now and i feel i am now ready to try and fine tune it to me and the room.
So anyway the rear of 808’s are now level with the front of the fraim rack and i have moved them forward about 250mm
Going to see how i get on like this for while as i feel i have lost a bit of bass but gained a much nicer sound stage, as the apex vivaldi definitely came with a much deeper bass and this was slightly over powering in the other position, plus i wasn’t getting as nicer sound stage as now.
Just wish i had more space to play with as i am sure it could be even better in a bigger room, maybe the next house but for now its doing very well.


Just read the review of the Rossini Apex on WHAT HIFI magazine online. I was a bit surprised by their findings:

“ If you are going to rely on the dCS’s built-in streaming module as your main source, we don’t think you’ll hear the Rossini Apex DAC at its considerable best. This module is pretty slick and fully featured, delivering a nice, even and detailed sound. Yet, even without comparison to our reference Naim streamer feeding the Rossini’s BNC digital input, we’re aware that things lack a bit of dynamic expression and rhythmic enthusiasm. The streaming section can still be considered good, but the rest of the Rossini Apex design is fabulous.”

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Which bit surprised you? You could only be justifiably surprised if you have conducted exactly the same test as the journalist and came to a different conclusion.