Dead 250DR

With the prospect of a couple of months of free time, I decided to move my system (272/XPS DR/250 DR) from my office to the living room.

Got everything set up and cabled ready to go and started to power up. When I pushed the button on the 250 there was a bit of a pop and then nothing. I checked the fuse which shows no obvious signs of failure; it looks brand new. I tried a different Powerline but still nothing.

Is there anything I haven’t thought of? Or is it time to take it back to the dealer? Shame really, I was looking forward to some serious listening time!

Try replacing the fuse (there should be a spare in the holder). But before you switch on be sure you have properly connected the Poweline all the way in - failing to do this is a common cause of fuse blowing!

Did the power switch actually latch when you first tried to power up the 250 ?

Many thanks for the quick response, replaced the blown fuse and all is well. I have to admit the fuse I checked was the spare; the other was in bits!! D’oh, as they say.

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Good news!

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