Dead Apheta 3 - Replacement options?

Gutted! Managed to kill my Apheta 3 cartridge, or at least bent the stylus enough that I assume it’s dead. I think I must have caught it when dusting. :disappointed:

Anyway, I’ll speak to the dealer tomorrow and probably the insurance company too.

Any suggestions for other options as a replacement?

It’s mounted on a Rega P8 and feeds into a Trichord Diablo with NCPSU so room to go a step up too if funds allow.

Thanks all.

Rega can rebuild it and they have a set price for it, mine had to be rebuilt, as it lost a channel, luckily it was under warranty, and they sorted it out in about 2 weeks.
If i was going to change mine it would be for the aphelion2 and have even though about doing just that

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Cool, thanks Dunc.

This. On a Rega (and its limited adjustments) it is difficult to beat the Apheta 3 at the price, and if I went to a higher-priced one the same is true for the Aphelion

Think its about £500 for a full rebuild, but it might be cheaper if its just the stylus, but thedeal should know

Just googled one of these - a bit out my budget!
Hopefully a rebuild won’t be too expensive.

I am very happy with the apheta 3 i have on the P10 and running through the aura phono stage.
I have heard that the aphelion2 can be less forgiving with poor vinyl and suits the older good pressing more than the modern stuff, if thats true then its probably a bad move for me and the apheta3 is just right, but without having one for a week to try, its hard to say and i dont think you can demo one very easily like this?

Yep quite a jump up in price

Looking that way. I’ll just have to “make do” with my NDS in the meantime :sunglasses:

The Apheta 3 should be perfect for the 8, and if it can be rebuilt for £500 you are probably better not using insurance, even if the excess is lower. If you do you may well find an increase in the renewal premium greater than their payment to you.

Agreed, on both counts. The Apheta 3 is fabulous and insurance companies, well…

Problem is that if you want to stay in the Apheta 3 price range, not much if anything will be better on a Rega. Difficult at least without auditioning and if I had to choose blindly I’d have the Apheta rebuilt. Is there anything you are unhappy about with the Apheta?

Me too with P10 but into Aria. Regarding the Aphelion, I haven’t researched it so much because currently I have no way for a 10,000 euro cartridge and phono stage after the spending spree of 2020 (everything in my system list except the speakers …). And P10 is new and I have 10 hours on the Apheta, so will stay for a while :slight_smile:

However the stylus cut is the same, so dunno why it should be so different. In any case, if I were to consider spending that kind of money I’d certainly expect my dealer to have two P10s with Apheta and Aphelion. Not right now, of course, but things will get better

I had my Apheta3 rebuilt,dealer loaned me Apheta2 while it was away,although it was okay,the difference when I got my cartridge back was obvious,it really is ideal for Rega turntables.

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Nothing, I was really enjoying it, especially through my new Trichord Diablo with NCPSU.

Just thought I ask the Forum’s ideas on other options. For a Rega deck, I don’t think the Apheta 3 can be bettered for the price - particularly at the discount when purchased on a new deck.

Time to enjoy then, once you have it back :wink:

Well it could be worse, especially if you had the aphelion2, that would really hurt.
I guess thats also something to think about, moving up to the £3k plus aphelion2, any mis que or damage, will be even more painful

If you conclude that another Rega cart is just too vulnerable a Dynavector 17D might be an alternative. The cantilever is very short and nicely tucked away underneath. I’ve had 3 over 20+ years and only killed one by leaving in on a runout groove and going and holiday for 2 weeks, the other two wore out. The down side is that it’s trade in only when that happens.

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