Dead Flash RC

My Flash RC gave up the ghost while I was away from home last year.

Can it still be brought back to life by Naim HQ in Salisbury?

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Thanks, Robert.

I have 2 dead flash remotes. Maybe Naim could “Frankenstein” them into one woking remote?

But I don’t live in Woking!

G – sadly, highly unlikely (cum ‘no’), based on previous advices out of Naim (unless things have changed?). It’s got some now-considered ‘nasty’ components in it (types of metal/solder?).

Have you tried a re-boot trick? - put new batteries in and click the last one in very quickly, as this boots the cap back (I think).

Mine plays dead every now and again, but has always re-booted, thankfully.

I don’t think so now. I have an early Flash that died and needed a new board and PIC chip which were no longer available. IIRC the Flash fell foul of ROHS.

As Happylistener recommends, try new batteries, being careful to cleanly snap the last one into place, but first you need to short the capacitor or let it discharge for a while otherwise it will play dead.

Thank you, HL and Richard. I will try the way you suggest - nothing to lose, sadly!

When I can find my Allen keys, that is. I know that I must have somewhere the fancy Naim one that came with the Flash.

Just to confirm that indeed, the Flash now cannot be repaired - as above, we just don’t have any parts for them. :frowning:


This week I also had a problem with a Flash Remote that was stuck on Tuner and then partially lost the letter display. I tried the battery trick to no avail but I think that I have cured the problem by gently lifting two of the corners of the chip with a very fine hex key and then firmly replacing it. I didn’t remove the chip, just lifted a little and then pushed back. Must have cleaned the contacts and it now works perfectly.


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